What I don't want for Christmas | Blog 3 of the 12 blogs of Christmas

In today's world, Twitter, Skype, and email have become the most common means of communication. So an old-fashioned handwritten note is particularly endearing. When I received Joy's submission for our 12 blogs of Christmas project, I was pleasantly surprised that it was crafted on a yellow note pad, in neat cursive, purposefully handwritten. And, as I would expect from Joy, straight from her heart. -Lindsey Talerico-Hedren, managing editor for the WV blog

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This post also appeared on Joy's blog. Also writing today on the true spirit of Christmas, Stephen Brewster.


    What a great reminder of what Christmas is really about. I so easily get caught up in the "stuff" and forget what Jesus did for me.

    I wonder if He had acne as a teenager?

    The handwritten post is very unique and I've thought about experimenting with that format. It's has an authentic quality.

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