Warm clothes help Denisa follow her big dream

Warm clothes help Denisa follow her big dream | World Vision Blog

Denisa hugs her 4-year-old brother Razvan as they wear their brand-new warm clothing. (Photo: 2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision)

Can new warm clothes during a cold winter help put a good student back on track to following her dreams?

Yes! Read how.


Twelve-year-old Denisa has a big dream. She wants to finish school and find a way out of the grinding poverty that affects so many people in her rural Romanian community.

Though she excels in school—always one of the students near the top of her class—her dream is still in jeopardy.

First, her mother had to leave the family to go find work in Italy. Their roof is sagging and Denisa’s father, Marcel, who finds what work he can as a day laborer or building chimneys, doesn’t earn enough money for those repairs.

With Romania’s entry into the European Union, many parents are leaving their children behind to find jobs in other EU countries to help provide for their families. For Denisa, that means she’s now the mother in her family. She cares for her two younger brothers Adelin, 6, and Razvan, 4. She cooks, cleans the house, washes the clothes, and also takes care of her wheelchair-bound grandfather.

Despite these new responsibilities, Denise still manages to fit in up to two hours of study time each day.

The other thing threatening her big dream is the cold.

Winters in Denisa’s community are frigid. Her family lives in World Vision’s Vaslui community, which sits on Romanian’s northeastern corner. Howling winds from Siberia funnel down through the Ukraine and sweep into their region.

Warm clothes help Denisa follow her big dream | World Vision Blog
(Photo: 2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision)


Denisa spends a lot of her time outside digging for potatoes, which provide much of the family’s food during the winter months. She walks to and from school, and on Sundays, she rides to church in a horse-drawn open-air cart.

Lack of warm clothes could affect her big dream.

There’s no extra money to buy new, warm clothing for the children to brave the bitter cold. “I am often cold at school,” Denisa says. But thankfully the World Vision staff knew of the needs that Denisa and her family faced.

One cold winter morning, things began to change.

World Vision staff brought donations of warm winter clothing, provided by generous corporations and knitters from the United States, to help the family. Denisa’s brother, Adelin, hugged a stack of the warm clothes.

Warm clothes help Denisa follow her big dream | World Vision Blog
(Photo: 2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision)


Denisa slipped on a pair of new boots, which would see her through the heavy snows.

Denisa’s father, Marcel, watched the joy on his children’s faces, a load lifted from his overburdened shoulders.

“This is like Christmas,” he says. “Now I don’t have to worry about buying clothes and we can buy more wood to heat the house.”

For Denisa, this gift means that she can continue to follow her big dream—excelling in school and following a path to a new and brighter future.

For millions of children and families living in poverty around the world, winter is a harsh and difficult time. Your gift today will multiply 8 times in impact through corporate donations to provide warm clothing to help children stay warm and succeed this winter!

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