[Video] Rose's Planet Earth

[Video] Rose's Planet Earth

The Batican family stands among the rubble that was their home until coconut trees fell on it during Typhoon Haiyan in Ormoc, Philippines. Son Johpett Batican, 14, (blue shirt and glasses) is a World Vision sponsored child. (Photo: 2013 Jon Warren/World Vision)

Less than two weeks ago, for the people of the central islands of the Philippines, this beautiful planet turned harsh and scary. Now, the survivors of Typhoon Haiyan look ahead toward recovery with hope.


Sponsored child Rose Tajano, who is now living with her family in an elementary school, and the Batican family, living in a reassembled structure of bamboo, are among the 45,000 families that World Vision is helping in the Leyte and Samar areas of the Philippines.

Today's video tells their stories and where their hope lies for their future.


In her essay, Rose writes: "God said, 'Follow me and you will not feel hungry or thirsty.' Like a saying: If we united, we stand, if we divided, we fall. Let's start the change in ourselves before we change the universe."

Let us stand united with the Philippines and help give hope to the survivors.

World Vision has launched an emergency response to help survivors of Typhoon Haiyan – possibly the strongest storm in recorded history – after it slammed the Philippines. An estimated 9.5 million people are affected.

World Vision is rushing to meet the most urgent needs of food, clean water, and emergency shelter for 400,000 people. Make a one-time donation to help provide vital relief to children and families devastated by Typhoon Haiyan in the Philippines.

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