Syria crisis: Stand up for children living in the margins

Syria crisis: Stand up for children living in the margins | World Vision Blog

World Vision videographer Nathan Shain in Lebanon. (Photo: 2015 Adam Jeske)

Our videographer Nathan Shain traveled to Lebanon this spring to visit Syrian refugee families. He was so moved by his experience, that he set up a personalized fundraising page to support our relief efforts.

See Nathan's Instagram photos and a new video from his trip, and learn how you can set up your own fundraising page!


This last March, I spent almost two weeks visiting and shooting stories with Syrian children and families that had their lives uprooted in the most violent way and now live in tents and abandoned buildings as refugees.

It was heartbreaking to hear their stories. To hear children talk about bombings, killings, and losing their families and homes was something I'll never forget.

Many of these families now live with very little aid and nearly forgotten. They often don't have enough of the basic needs like food and water, and many of the children are unable to go to school. For some of the refugees, it's been like that for almost five years.

Think of the hardest thing you've ever been through. A time of insecurity, heartbreak, and loss. Now consider living that time for five unforgiving years. You might now know a little of the unbelievable life these families have been living.

Below is a short video I shot on my trip. This is Ali’s story, a boy who spends his days selling tissues instead of going to school because his father can’t work, who left his home 3 years ago but can’t forget the horrors of the war, and who just wants to go back home.

See what he dreams of for the future:

If you would consider giving toward my goal of raising $1,500 to help the people of Syria I would be so grateful. The money you give will help World Vision respond to basic needs like water and sanitation, food, and heath needs. Matching grants from USAID will multiply your gift 6x!

The other way that World Vision will use your gift is to give children a part of their childhood back.

And here's what I want to do to give back to you for your generosity. For those that give a donation of $100 or more, I want to send you a small token of appreciation, an 8x10 print of Victoria Falls that I took last year in Zambia (another place World Vision does amazing work).

On behalf of the children of Syria …

Thank you.


Looking to do more to help Syrian refugees? Like Nathan, you can set up a fundraising page and share it with friends and family to spread the word and raise funds for children of the Syrian refugee crisis. And thanks to a grant from USAID to support our response to the Syrian refugee crisis, any amount you raise will have six times the impact to help refugee children and their families.

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