The support of a mother

The support of a mother | World Vision Blog

Debbie Macomber visiting 8-year-old Josiah and his family in Kenya. (Photo: 2014 Lindsey Minerva/World Vision)

A Mother's Day message for mothers from bestselling author Debbie Macomber!


There's a picture in my baby book of my mother giving me a bath in our kitchen sink. I must have been about nine months old and my face is full of delight as I splash in the water. Although my mother isn't in the photograph, her arm is there supporting my back.

The support of a mother | World Vision Blog
Syrian refugee mother and child in Lebanon. (Photo: 2014 Ralph Baydoun/World Vision)


I’ve felt her love and support my entire life. That's the way with us mother's, isn't it? We are often the first ones to give our children love. As a mother and now a grandmother, I am here to support and believe in my children’s dreams for the future.

I was blessed with a wonderful mother; I thank God for her every day. She had a heart for others, which she deeply ingrained in me.

It's because of my mother's example that the Macomber family has become deeply involved with World Vision and their water initiative with the hope that one day mothers around the world will be able to set their babies in a tub of pure water so they can splash with glee without the need of carting buckets of water for miles upon miles.

The support of a mother | World Vision Blog
Baby Jose in the Dominican Republic takes a bath. (Photo: 2014 Oriali Arroyo/World Vision)


To learn more about World Vision’s water initiative click here.

Be sure and take time to relax, enjoy, and celebrate your mother on Mother’s Day tomorrow!

Debbie Macomber is a best-selling author and long-time supporter of World Vision, serving as the International Spokesperson for World Vision's Knit For Kids program.

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