See how sponsorship changes a community

See how sponsorship changes a community | World Vision Blog

Students enjoy the new World Vision-funded school in the Bassin Diaman community in Haiti. (Photo: 2012 Jean-Wickens Merone/World Vision)

Meet 4-year-old Senderlie, who lives with her family in a Haitian community called Bassin Diaman … who is waiting for a sponsor.

Read how sponsorship creates a special journey for children and how sponsors become a part of that story and the story of their whole community!


At just 4 years old, Senderlie enjoys spending her days playing with dolls. She lives in a Haitian community called Bassin Diaman. Her parents both work as farm laborers, but they struggle to meet Senderlie and her three sisters’ daily needs. Right now, she’s waiting for a sponsor to support her and her community and make both stronger.

See how sponsorship changes a community | World Vision Blog
4-year-old Senderlie. (Photo: World Vision)

World Vision works in Senderlie’s community as well as 400 other communities in nearly 100 countries around the world. Your support for one child transforms into food for the hungry, clean water for those lacking it, education for children, and healthcare for the sick — all in that community. In short, your support helps not just children like Senderlie, but also her family and the people around them, rise out of poverty.

Sponsorship creates a special story for children, and we want you to be a part of the journey your sponsored child — and their community — takes. After all, when you sponsor a child, your paths now cross, and you become part of their journey.

You may not be able to travel to your sponsored child’s community, so each year around this time, we invite you further into that story by sending out Community News, a newsletter filled with updates from your sponsored child’s community. It shows just how your support has uniquely impacted their specific area during the past year. If you don’t see it in your mailbox or inbox, then be sure to log into to check it out.

So let’s say you decided to sponsor little Senderlie in Bassin Diaman. When you got your Community News, you’d learn how World Vision began working in Haiti in 1959, and the 2010 earthquake amplified our work there. In addition to Senderlie, there are 25,000 girls and boys in World Vision’s sponsorship program across the country. That’s your big picture view.

But now let’s zoom in a little bit to Bassin Diaman, Senderlie’s community, which was particularly impacted by the 2010 earthquake. Senderlie was just a few months old when the disaster struck, so while she won’t have any recollection of it, she’s grown up as her community has also grown and rebuilt.

Families in her community have struggled with land rights issues and rubble removal, both of which have complicated earthquake relief and rebuilding efforts. Despite the struggles, World Vision is still making progress toward providing transitional homes and shelters. A lot of our efforts there also focus around clean water, health, and food security.

But then you can drill down even further into the highly tangible. For Senderlie’s community, you’d see that World Vision helped 338 children under the age of 5 receive vaccinations and vitamin A supplements last year. Or that 436 children participated in Christian mentoring programs. Or that 245 teens received training in painting, sports, and music, like 12-year-old Roman, who, with the help of World Vision, achieved his dreams of learning to play the guitar.

But just as any trip you take isn’t complete without showing your own photos, you can’t fully get a sense of your sponsored child’s community without seeing it yourself. By seeing photos of Senderlie’s community, you sense the local flavor and further see successes, needs, and challenges.

What do their homes, schools, and food look like compared to your own? Look beyond captions and the obvious in the photos. What do you hear God whispering about that community? This can also help you learn how to pray for your child’s community.

As Senderlie grows, learns, and matures, so does Bassin Diaman, and through that journey, you get to walk alongside her. Are you walking alongside your sponsored child, or watching from afar?

We’re so grateful for amazing sponsors like you and the way you support communities like Bassin Diaman and children like Senderlie, and we’re honored to have the ability, through Community News and technology, to have you be a part of your sponsored child’s journey and show you all the tangible ways your support has impacted them in the past year.

Thanks for being part of God’s amazing work and coming alongside us in being his hands and feet!

If you’re already a sponsor, check out to find information about your sponsored child, updates from their community, videos, and photos.

If you haven’t yet decided to sponsor a child, consider sponsoring a boy or girl in Haiti who needs you today. Sponsorship helps provide nutritious food, education, medical care, and community programs, but it also gives a child and their family hope.

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