One-millionth person reached with clean water

One-millionth person reached with clean water | World Vision Blog

Ten-year-old Fridah is the one-millionth person to receive clean water through World Vision’s programs this year! (Photo: Dr. Greg Allgood/World Vision)

Celebrate with us today as we mark the one-millionth person to receive clean water through our water programs this year!

We're also announcing a new partnership to provide communities with solar-powered water pumps to help provide sustained water supply in developing communities!


We’re celebrating today … Fridah, a ten-year-old girl in rural Kenya, is the one-millionth person to receive clean water through World Vision’s programs this year!

We're also announcing a new partnership with Grundfos to reach 2 million people with clean water during the next 5 years. 

World Vision is proud to work with Grundfos, the world’s leading provider of water pumps, in a partnership that will bring their engineering expertise and R&D to help serve the world’s poor. Through this new partnership, World Vision plans to install more than 1,000 Grundfos pumps in sub-Saharan African villages in order to provide sustained water supply in developing communities.  

An important feature of the partnership is that the pumps will use renewable solar energy, so it’s a big “green” effort that is pro-environment. Essentially, when we dig a well that puts out a lot of water, we can use a Grundfos pump powered by solar panels to store the water in a large overhead tank that can then pipe the water to a large number of community members.  

One-millionth person reached with clean water | World Vision Blog
Solar-powered pump and water tank in a Kenyan community. (Photo: Grundfos)


World Vision is already an industry leader in this approach, having provided more than 200 of these mechanized water systems through our programs; through this partnership, will provide many more!

Not only are these mechanized systems environmentally friendly and able to provide more accessible water points for the community, they are also more economical to install versus traditional boreholes. This new partnership is designed to keep our average cost of reaching a person with clean water to only $50 – and potentially to even lower costs in the future.

I recently visited a community in the Rongai district of rural Kenya where World Vision has provided a mechanized solar powered water system. The community members, including the local tribal chief and chair of the water committee, explain the impact of the new water system to their community. From a health standpoint, this was an area with a high level of typhoid. This water-borne disease was previously very common in the community and resulted in high traffic to the local clinic. The clean water has dramatically reduced typhoid to the point that the community says it’s been eliminated!

As expected, the women in the community tell us that the new mechanized water source that brings water close to the community has dramatically reduced their burden in carrying water. There are a number of kiosks providing water scattered throughout this village. 

One-millionth person reached with clean water | World Vision Blog
A clean water kiosk in Kenya. (Photo: Dr. Greg Allgood/World Vision)


A bit of a surprise is that the community praises the new water source for improving milk production in their cows. I’m impressed that the community includes a retired veterinarian who previously held a high position in the Kenyan government and now volunteers to help oversee this part of their work. I’d heard previously that giving clean water to livestock results in increased milk production, but I’d never seen it working. The increased milk sales are helping to lift this community out of poverty.

The highlight of our visit was a trip to the local school, Ngedaptich Primary School. The school has a standpipe that brings water directly into the schoolyard from the mechanized system. We meet with several of the school children to hear their stories of the positive impact of having nearby clean water. They tell us that the clean water has made them healthier and allowed them to spend more time in school because they’re not hauling water for their families.

I spend some time with Fridah, who attends this school. Fridah used to walk 4 kilometers a day to fetch water and now only walks a few steps. She’s glad to have safe water because she no longer suffers from typhoid fever and diarrhea. Her dreams are soaring now that she’s doing better in school … she wants to be a pilot!

Based on the number of people that we’ve reached with clean water this year alone, Fridah is the 1 millionth recipient of clean water provided by World Vision. In fact, we’re now reaching one new person with clean water every 30 seconds! It’s an amazing accomplishment that we will continue through partnerships such as the one we’re announcing today with Grundfos.

We're not stopping at 1 million! Help us reach even more people with clean water. Donate to our clean water efforts today!


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