Day 3: No more lost dreams

No more lost dreams | World Vision Blog

Antonio in Mozambique had to give up his dream job because he didn't have a birth certificate. But now his children won't have to face that challenge because through World Vision sponsorship, the whole family now has birth certificates.

World Vision’s child sponsorship program approaches community development holistically: providing clean water, healthcare, access to education, nutritious food, economic development, and more!

Through your support, communities supported by World Vision are equipped to fulfill the dream and vision that God has for all of His people. See it at work in Mozambique!


Antonio Namatbia had his dream job – teaching school – for seven years. Then in 2002, the government of Mozambique began to require that all citizens needed to have a birth certificate in order to receive their salary.

For Antonio, this meant the end of his dream. “I wanted to be a teacher but didn’t have a birth certificate,” he says. In order to get a birth certificate, he would have to travel all the way to Morrumbala and pay a fee. The problem was that Morrumbala was nearly 100 kilometers from his home. He had no means of transportation except on foot.

Following Mozambique’s civil war, the government was more lenient about the need for birth registration, but in the past 15 years there has been a push to digitize records and give everyone ID cards.

With no birth certificate, Antonio quit teaching and became a farmer. The ramifications of not having a birth certificate didn’t stop there. Children also needed to produce the ID cards in order to enroll in school and even to receive vaccinations.

For many people living in small, rural communities, far from even a small-sized town, this requirement proved prohibitive.

One of Antonio’s older sons, Bartolomeu, forfeited his dream as well. He longed to follow in his father’s footsteps and teach. He attended school through the fifth grade.

When it came time to enroll in the sixth grade, he was turned away. With no birth registration card, Bartolomeu had to quit school.

Now he’s also a farmer and at the age of 20, has two small children of his own.

Sponsorship Provides

World Vision’s staff in the Derre community saw the need created by lack of birth registration. The staff worked with government officials to help make sure that people in this remote community received their birth registration cards.

Child sponsorship money made this program possible.

Now everyone in Antonio’s family has their own birth registration card. They beam with pride, happy to display these much-coveted items.

And the benefits didn’t stop there. Three of Antonio’s children are sponsored through World Vision. Aconteceu, age 12, receives letters, cards, and pictures from his sponsor—from Minnesota.

No more lost dreams | World Vision Blog
Aconteceu (yellow shirt) and his brother Salomao (red shirt) show off the newest letters from their World Vision sponsors. (Photo: 2014 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision)


“I get happy when I receive the letters,” says Aconteceu, “Because I know my sponsor is there and he remembers about me.”

His sponsor also sent an extra gift to Aconteceu. That extra money went to buy dishes, clothes, fabric, and blankets for the family. “If I find the sponsor, I would like to thank him for supporting my children,” says Antonio.

Antonio knows the far-reaching scope of sponsorship support in his community. “I feel happy for that especially because I see the borehole being drilled, the school being built,” he says. “I know this is part of the support they’re receiving from the sponsor.”

It used to be that Antonio’s wife, Joardina, traveled at least an hour round-trip every day to get water for her family and that water wasn’t even clean. The children often faced stomachaches and diarrhea, which can turn deadly in an instant in these rural communities.

In 2011, a new borehole was drilled in their community. It’s only about 100 meters from where they live. Now Joardina has more time to care for her children and help her husband to farm their land.

The new school means that the children have a place to go for their much-desired education. With the birth registration cards, Antonio says, “Now [the children] don’t face a problem when they want to enroll in school.”

Aconteceu has familiar hopes for his future. “I would like to be a teacher,” he says. It’s a dream that he won’t have to forfeit, because thanks to child sponsorship, he has all the tools he needs.

This Christmas, join us in sharing the big dream of life in all its fullness with children, families, and communities in need around the world! Sponsor a child today.

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