Making a difference, two gifts at a time

Making a difference, two gifts at a time | World Vision Blog

Women at God’s Ranch, a safe home near Tacoma, Washington, received Hope Kits last fall from Thirty-One Gifts and World Vision. (Photo: 2014 World Vision)

Through our partnership with direct sales company Thirty-One Gifts, this Giving Tuesday we're making a difference for families in need two gifts at a time!

Read more about our partnership, the impact we're making around the world together, and how tomorrow your gift will make twice the difference.


Last year for Giving Tuesday, we teamed up with Thirty-One Gifts—a direct sales company focused on personalized totes, purses, home organization solutions, and more. On that Tuesday, for each of the first 3,100 donations made to World Vision, Thirty-One Gifts donated a Hope Kit tote to a woman in dire straits. Each tote was filled with essential hygiene supplies such as a toothbrush, shampoo, hairbrush, and soap, designed to help her get back on her feet as she works toward better days.

Making a difference, two gifts at a time | World Vision Blog
Hope Kit build in the Bronx, Giving Tuesday 2014. (Photo: World Vision)

Last fall, Hope Kits were distributed at God’s Ranch, a safe home near Tacoma, Washington, for women escaping abuse and addiction. One recipient, Jessie, said, “Before I knew God, I didn’t know love at all,” when she received her tote and read the personalized note inside from the person who had assembled it for her. “I know now that I’m a strong, loved woman.”

Since our partnership began in the spring of 2014, the Thirty-One Gifts’ charitable program “Thirty-One Gives” has assembled more than 10,000 Hope Kits for women in the United States! They have also generously donated 200,000 cosmetic bags to give other groups across America the opportunity to assemble Hope Kits for women in need in their own communities.

This year for Giving Tuesday—tomorrow!—our partnership with Thirty-One Gifts takes a new, exciting step forward. Any donation made to World Vision USA on Giving Tuesday, Thirty-One Gifts will match with a donation of product … up to $1,000,000! These donated products, including blankets and clothing, will be used to support families in need all around the world through our programs.

This year, our partnership will provide needed items to Syrian refugees living in Armenia. We will also send receiving blankets to pregnant mothers in Somalia as an incentive for them to give birth in health clinics, which will help reduce maternal and infant death rates in rural communities; three-quarters of all newborn deaths occur in the first week of life.

Here are a few of the other ways in which product donations from Thirty-One Gifts have already made a difference for women:


Making a difference, two gifts at a time | World Vision Blog
Leyla with her three children. (Photo: 2015 Nune Hayrapetyan/World Vision)


Meet Leyla. She and her three children live in northern Armenia, where the winters are bitter and economic opportunities difficult; her husband went to find work in Russia.

Last February, World Vision supported her in taking felting classes. The three-month course is designed to empower young women by showing them how to use wool to make handmade jewelry, slippers, bedding designs, and more, which they can sell for income.

“I can make great income from felting, but currently I extremely lack time,” Leyla says. 

World Vision keeps in touch with Leyla to continue to support her development and small business. Leyla also received gifts from World Vision to help her overcome her hard time. Through our partnership with Thirty-One Gifts, we were able to provide bags and blankets to help her family get through the harsh winters

Displaying one of the bags, Leyla says, “This one is also very comfortable as a school bag so I can save also on buying new school bags for my kids.” 

“I very much appreciate the support and will do my best to never give up,” Leyla says. “I hope that I can produce beautiful felted items and sell them to local entrepreneurs.”


Making a difference, two gifts at a time | World Vision Blog
Volunteer Renathe gives Eric a health screening. (Photo: 2015 Achel Bayisenge/World Vision)


Renathe is a 42-year-old woman living in northeast Burundi. She is a volunteer who works to combat malnutrition occurring in children in her community.

Among the children, Renathe is known as “Mother Light.” They gave her this nickname because she “gives light” about how to get proper nutrition and what kinds of food to eat. She often visits families whose children are malnourished, carrying papers, books, and other supplies that teach parents how to feed their children with nutritious food.

This summer, our staff paid a visit to the nutrition center where Renathe and other volunteers meet regularly to discuss the issues that affect their community. This is also where mothers bring their children to screen for malnutrition. On this visit, we brought bags donated by Thirty-One Gifts to give to the volunteers.

Renathe was excited to see the gift because she now has a way to carry and protect her teaching materials, which contain wise words that have helped save the lives of many children in her community.

“A local saying is that he who shares with you wise words gives you wealth,” Renathe says, appreciating the gift of the handbags.

“I was finding it hard to carry my documents and teaching supplies; I am happy to now have a handbag,” she says, laughing and looking at the handbag.

Our community development facilitator in Burundi, William Niyongabo, is thrilled to have this donation from Thirty-One Gifts to support the volunteers at the nutrition center. “They are working hard to change their community,” he says, “and this donation helps support and encourage them to continue their work.”

*     *     *

Tomorrow, thanks to the generosity of Thirty-One Gifts, we have the opportunity to make twice the difference in the lives of women like Leyla and Renathe, as well as their families and communities. Come make a donation tomorrow and have it matched by Thirty-One!

Additional reporting by Kristy O’Hara, Nune Hayrapetyan, and Achel Bayisenge.

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