Letter: I wouldn’t have today without World Vision

Letter: I wouldn’t have today without World Vision | World Vision Blog

Srey Mom in Cambodia. (Photo: 2005 Jon Warren/World Vision)

Powerful letter to World Vision's American donors today from Srey Mom in Cambodia who, ten years ago, was a victim of trafficking, and thanks to World Vision and to you, was delivered into safety, a bright future, and a life with God.


Ten years ago, writer/photographer team Kari Costanza and Jon Warren reported on the sex trade in Cambodia and World Vision’s remarkable Trauma Recovery Center in Phnom Penh where victims came to heal. They met Srey Mom, whose story you can read here. 

Srey Mom had been tricked, promised a job in a shrimp factory, and then enslaved by a brothel owner. When she finally escaped – brutalized and HIV positive – World Vision staff came to her side.

Kari and Jon wondered how Srey Mom was doing ten years after the young woman had poured out her heart to them. They asked their friend, Cambodian communicator Ratana Lay, to find out. Ratana met with Srey Mom and transcribed a letter from this very special, very grateful young woman.


Dear all American donors,

My name is Srey Mom. I am 26. My childhood experience was terrifically hard. I was trafficked and living with HIV and AIDS. When I was 14, I was tricked and sold into a brothel because I believed in a woman at Phnom Penh who promised to find a good job for me with high incomes. I suffered horrendous abuse at the hands of the brothel's owners and clients.

You are so far from us, but you always are concerned about us. Your devotion means so much to me. Perhaps you heard about my story. World Vision saved my life. You encouraged me to fight for a bright future. I pray when I am challenged with big issues because God is in my life.

I have a lot of memorable experience working with World Vision for over 10 years. I could contribute to God’s ministry, serving the poor, even though I am illiterate. It was a wonderful opportunity for which God called me.

At World Vision’s Trauma Center, I worked with trafficked survivors. I promoted awareness on child trafficking and HIV and AIDS in communities, public events, and international forums through sharing my history. My efforts were making a tremendous difference in survivors’ lives.

I eventually lived with HIV and AIDS and found a safe place in Neavear Thmey (World Vision’s Trauma Recovery Center). World Vision took care of me, provided therapy and anti-retroviral medication, and promoted me as World Vision staff.

I wouldn’t have today without World Vision.

After leaving World Vision, I worried about my life. I asked myself,  “What could I do?” I applied for a job but there was no answer. At the end, God blesses me again and I found a good job as a cleaner in a restaurant in Phnom Penh Capital. I am so excited and love this job.

I dream to own a Khmer noodle shop at my homeland. I pray that God will bless me to marry and have children. I will take care of them and follow Jesus Christ.

Thanks be to God, World Vision, and American donors, especially all of World Vision’s leaders. May God bless you and all children around the world.

I hope you continue supporting World Vision to contribute to the well-being of children.

With love,

Srey Mom

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