Investing in our fathers

Investing in our fathers | World Vision Blog

Moses and his family outside their home in Uganda. (Photo: 2010 Jon Warren/World Vision)

Father’s Day is a time to truly honor and celebrate the amazing dads in our lives, but I keep thinking that there must be more to this holiday than a card and a neck-tie.

What if there was a way to thank my dad for everything he’s done for me, and at the same time give another dad an amazing opportunity?

Let’s consider what this might look like, and maybe how we celebrate Father’s Day will be a little different this year.


Meet Moses Kityo, a hardworking father of seven, who used a micro loan to build a better life for his family and community. 

Investing in our fathers | World Vision Blog
Moses in his banana grove. (Photo: 2010 Jon Warren/World Vision)


He and his family live in a brick home in Uganda and are mainly farmers. His childhood was hard as he experienced all the challenges that come with growing up in a war-torn area, including displacement from his home, a lack of basic necessities like food, witnessing many deaths, and others, all of which robbed him of a “normal” childhood.

Time went on and he gained more responsibility as his family grew, but with an income of 23 cents a day it was never enough to give them the life they deserved. 23 cents a day is about $7 per month—I spent more than that on coffee and breakfast just this morning. Supporting a family on this income, even in a poor community, is totally unbearable.

But Moses was strong, and despite the struggle, he held on to a vision for his family’s future, a vision that would one day help them rise out of poverty. He was determined to seek every opportunity to help his family, and World Vision was one of those opportunities.

When World Vision came to his community, everything started to change. Families received training on health and hygiene, children could go to school, moms were taught how to feed their children with nutritious food, and many people were getting job training. Step by step, World Vision was working with this community to help it grow stronger and secure its future just like Moses was doing for his family.

Investing in our fathers | World Vision Blog
Moses collects eggs from his chickens. (Photo: 2010 Jon Warren/World Vision)

Not only were they benefitting from all of the changes happening in the community, but Moses was given the opportunity to apply for and receive a micro loan to expand his business. A small loan can create opportunities that have a significant impact on the well-being of children, families, and communities. Many entrepreneurs in poor areas don’t have traditional access to financial services like loans, bank accounts, and savings groups. This lack of access keeps people in a cycle of poverty. World Vision is trying to break this cycle through micro loans.

With his loan, Moses bought chickens and expanded into other areas of farming. Today, Moses has a 16-acre farm, on which he raises 170 chickens! He also gets a steady supply of milk from his cows, and has even started growing coffee beans. What an entrepreneurial spirit!

Moses continues to seek areas of growth and opportunity because that’s who he is. His wife boasts of his leadership in the community and says, “As a father, he wants his family to be strong and to be an example to other families in the area.” Just one loan totally transformed the life of Moses and his whole family! The changes start with the entrepreneur but then expand out to families, employees, and entire communities.

Investing in our fathers | World Vision Blog
Moses’s wife Betty at work on their farm. (Photo: 2010 Jon Warren/World Vision)


Moses makes me think of Father’s Day differently. I can see the impact of strong men and women more because of his testimony, and that moves me to action. This Father’s Day, I’m giving a loan to a hardworking dad around the world in honor of the strong dads in my own life. Would you join me in honoring your dad by investing in another? Learn more about World Vision Micro and fund a loan to make a difference today.

Elizabeth Botts is a writer and project coordinator for World Vision's Product Marketing team.


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