Day 23: I found hope in the arms of God

Day 23: I found hope in the arms of God | World Vision

14-year-old Eranda accepted Jesus at a World Vision summer camp in Albania in 2013! "My happiness is indescribable," she says.

Though her life is simple, and despite her family’s economic situation, her dreams are big. Now she is confident that God will provide the education she longs for, and that He has big plans for her future!

Read her story.


We are on our way to Eranda’s house, a 14-year-old sponsored child who accepted Jesus Christ as her personal Savior last July (2013) in World Vision’s Erseka summer camp in Albania.

Children cross this road every day to reach their school, someone tells us as we make our way to Eranda’s house. “They walk one hour and 15 minutes on foot, in cold and hot [temperatures] each day to go to school as there is no school van to pick the children up,” a community member told us.

Today, we have a special gift for Eranda: a brand-new backpack. Alda, on staff with World Vision Albania, noticed that unlike her peers who arrived at the camp with their possessions neatly packed into backpacks or luggage, Eranda brought her possessions in a simple plastic bag.

“Eranda is distinguished among other children,” says Alda. “She had something special in her eyes.”

Although their home is falling down, Eranda and her parents, Hasan and Burbuqe, welcomed us inside, which is in even worse condition than the outside. This house is home to seven people: Eranda, her parents, her three siblings—Robert, 18; Avran, 16; and Zaveta, 13—and her grandmother.

Although it would seem impossible, this family, with little land and no water to grow a garden, survives on just $20 a month. Needless to say, the cloud that living in poverty has brought blocks out a considerable amount of joy in this run-down house.

While from the outside it would appear that favor does not shine on this family, there is a new light—one that is shining from within. “Since she returned home [from] the summer camp, Eranda was very enthusiastic and her eyes were sparkling,” says her mother.

“Eranda started to tell us, right away, about her adventures. She mentioned God—her learning about Him and his love,” says Burbuqe, noting how the encounter changed Eranda. “Her way of talking is different, she is confident and her eyes are so gentle.”

Eranda has taken her decision of faith very seriously since she returned from the camp. She puts her Bible under her pillow and reads it all the time—day and night.

Day 23: I found hope in the arms of God | World Vision
Eranda reads from Matthew in her new Bible. (Photo: 2013 Klevisa Breshani/World Vision)


“I brought two Bibles from the Erseka camp,” Eranda says, showing her room and the bed where she sleeps, together with her two sisters and their grandma. The room is tiny and broken. “It scares me when it rains," says Eranda, “but I pray and then fall asleep, because now I know that God has covered me with his arms and nothing can happen to me or my family.”

Eranda prays earnestly and confidently, pleading for God to change her family’s circumstances. “Now, I pray for me and my family,” she says. “I am sure God will change our situation and will provide everything that me, my parents, brothers, and sisters need.”

The life of this child is as simple as her house, but despite her family’s economic situation, her dreams are big. She is confident that God will provide for her the education she wants, and that He has a great plan for her future.

“During my free time, I make handcrafts, knit necklaces and armlets, and read books that World Vision has given to me as well as some books that a teacher gave to my brother, Avran. I read them all, but now I even have the Bible to read and it is very precious to me,” says Eranda.

Eranda’s newfound faith is something she simply cannot hold inside. “The good news must be spread even to others,” she says, an idea she has already put into action, beginning by giving one of the Bibles she received at the camp to her sister, Zaveta. “I spread the good news to her since I came from the camp. In the beginning, she was a bit skeptical. But when she started reading the Bible, suddenly she noticed that God exists for real.”

“I shared God’s existence with my brothers,” says Eranda. “They have a lot to do during the day, taking care of the goats and the cow, but they have started to read the Bible, too. I wish that all my family members could have an unshakable faith and pray as I do, because I know God will look upon us, sooner or later, and He will help us to fulfill our needs,” she says.

“Before I was aware that God exists, but I did not know that we can pray for our needs and things we don’t have in our lives,” says Eranda. “Now I know, and my happiness is indescribable. One day I will find myself being the person I long to be, and despite my home and economic conditions, I know He will help me pursue my education and He will help my family, too,” Eranda says.

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    Does this sweet girl have a sponsor? I know that World Vision usually stops allowing new sponsorships when children turn 14, but if she or her younger sister are available for sponsorship, I would love to sponsor them.

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