Honoring 40 years of work in El Salvador

Honoring 40 years of work in El Salvador | World Vision Blog

Have you ever received mail from El Salvador?

Over the next few months, special postal seals stamped on every piece of mail from El Salvador will commemorate World Vision's 40 years of work there!

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World Vision El Salvador (WVES) is currently holding celebrations of 40 years working in this country while that work continues to help children, youth, and the most vulnerable families and communities have a better quality of life.

As part of the celebrations of these 40 years, World Vision El Salvador is planning a series of activities to showcase World Vision as the organization with the longest and most comprehensive work in favor of child wellbeing and child protection in El Salvador. This includes continued efforts to raise awareness about our cause for children and their self-sustainability.

Some of these celebratory activities include a photographic project in which 40 photo stories will be told over the course of 5 months, as staff, sponsored and former sponsored children, and some of our strategic partners talk about WVES´s impact in their lives and in the communities. In addition, a commemorative video will be created, showing glimpses of World Vision´s work throughout 40 years.

Honoring 40 years of work in El Salvador | World Vision Blog
Photo: 2015 Katia Dalila Maldonado/World Vision


Another activity already being implemented is an agreement with the National Postal Office of El Salvador (Correos de El Salvador) to create a postal seal that commemorates the 40 years of our work. This seal will go on all correspondence coming in and leaving the country, thus reaching far more people than ever before to showcase our presence in El Salvador!

We anticipate that this seal will reach 1 million people across 192 countries! It’s the first time that a non-governmental organization has received such an honor in El Salvador.

This seal will allow us to further raise awareness regarding our child protection work, and it allows us to tell not only people in El Salvador but in all the countries where this correspondence goes about the work being done here. This was possible through arrangements made by WVES´s National Director and our good relations with the Government of El Salvador.

Recently, representatives from Correos de El Salvador and World Vision gathered at a celebratory event to launch the new seal.

Honoring 40 years of work in El Salvador | World Vision Blog
Laura del Valle, national director of WVES (center left) and Elsa Margarita Quintanar de Ortéz, general director of Correos de El Salvador. (Photo: 2015 Katia Dalila Maldonado/World Vision)


Elsa Margarita Quintanar de Ortéz, general director of Correos de El Salvador, said that the seal recognized World Vision’s work in El Salvador and around the world on behalf of children and young people living in conditions of poverty.

She said that the seal would serve as a reminder of the importance of investing in children and youth. It was a call to the Salvadoran and international community to join World Vision’s cause in promoting a more just and secure society.

Honoring 40 years of work in El Salvador | World Vision BlogLaura del Valle, national director of WVES, said that she hoped the seal would be a reminder of the potential of Salvadoran boys and girls to transform their lives and society as a whole when adults support them.

Correos de El Salvador is a strategic partner for World Vision, offering our organization discounted prices for its mail services. It made no charge for affixing the seal.

Over the past 40 years, WVES has walked alongside the government in providing assistance and technical support during emergencies (such as earthquakes and floods) and also advocating for people and especially children in vulnerable conditions, as well as for child protection in cases of abuse, neglect, or abandonment.

This synergy has gone to the level of the ministries, directors, and leaders, with coordination at a technical level by being part of the teams behind the creation of policies and laws who favor children and youth, and by holding agreements with the Ministry of Education and the Salvadoran Institute for the Holistic Development of Children and Youth, among others.

World Vision will keep working to continue serving the poor, and especially our children and youth in the most vulnerable conditions, in order to provide them with opportunities to enjoy life in all its fullness.

Photos and additional reporting by Katia Dalila Maldonado.

Come alongside World Vision as we continue to serve the poor and vulnerable children. Sponsor a child in El Salvador today!

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