A guardian angel for a Honduran family

A guardian angel for a Honduran family | World Vision Blog

Maria with her four children and grandchild, all of whom have been blessed through a World Vision sponsor. (Photo: 2013 Laura Reinhardt/World Vision)

Maria's family in Honduras fell into hard times when her husband left her and her children … until they were registered for sponsorship.

Read how her son's sponsor, Bob, who cares for their whole family, has been as "if God had put for them a guardian angel,” according to Maria, and how her twin sons are following in his footsteps!


Twins Erick Rodeney and Erick Geovany share so many things. They look alike. They sleep in the same room. They attend the same school, study the same subjects, eat the same food, do the same chores.

But one thing they don’t share is a World Vision child sponsor, a man named Bob from the United States. Bob has sponsored Erick R. since he was about 2 years old.

Yet Erick G. doesn’t feel left out because Bob treats them both with dignity. In fact, he has embraced their entire family.

Nearly 10 years ago, the twins’ father abandoned the family. “It was very bad for us because he left without saying a word,” says Erick R.

Their mother, Maria, now 45, was left to be both mother and father to her four children. Her only income was selling homemade cheese and tamales in a market in her community, La Esperanza, in Honduras. Every morning she rose before dawn and made the long trek into the village.

She struggled to provide for her family. But when three of her four children were enrolled in World Vision’s sponsorship program, things began to change. She received help with medical and dental checkups so the children’s health began to improve. The children received school supplies and the family also got mattresses and blankets.

Then one day she got welcome news from the World Vision staff. “I remember that I was living a crisis when for the first time [World Vision] came here to inform me that I was going to receive (extra) assistance from Rodeney’s sponsor. At that time that I got that gift, that meant so much to me,” says Maria.

And the extra gifts kept coming—every three months.

With them, Maria has been able to put a new floor in the front room, install a chimney on her kitchen stove to keep smoke from filling the house, and install a new water tank to replace the deteriorating one. Next on her list is to replace the wooden window in the twins’ bedroom with a glass one that will keep the cold mountain air from seeping into the room.

Both Ericks tell about the many letters they have received from Bob. “He always tells us that he is very proud of us because we are growing up and we’re doing very well in school so that makes him very proud,” Erick R. says. “He’s like a father to us because he’s always helped us since our father abandoned us.”

Both Erick R. and Erick G. strive to excel in school. “One day we can be just like him and we will be able to help families the same way he does,” says Erick R.

They already are helping their neighbors and volunteering to clean the school. They also tutor other students.

In 2010, Bob came to visit. He met the twins at school, saw them tutoring other students, and spent the day with the family. Erick G. says, “I thanked him and [said] that we were very happy because his assistance was something that really helped my family.”

“Yes, that was a day of joy. We were very happy and he came and we hugged him,” Erick R. adds.

Before Bob said goodbye that day, he offered them a promise. He would pay all their education expenses until they finished school.

In small, rural Honduran communities like La Esperanza, children often must travel great distances to get to the junior high and high schools. For many parents and certainly for Maria, those costs would have been prohibitive. Now Erick G. and Erick R. can carry on with their studies.

“I feel something special because this is for us something our father could never give us. We can study and this is important for our family,” says Erick Geovany.

Education is so important to Maria that she used one of Bob’s many gifts to purchase a computer for her children to work on their homework.

And Bob continues giving. He has even offered to support Maria’s 12-year-old daughter, Danira, in her studies.

“It’s [as] if God had put for them a guardian angel,” says Maria. “I say to my children that we must pray for him so that God will give him strength, and so that God will bless him all the time, and will multiply what he has done for my children.”

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