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Hamze, 8, a refugee in Lebanon, answers the question, "What do you miss about home?" (Photo: 2014 Nicholas Ralph/World Vision)

Hear the voices of Syrian refugee children:

An 8-year-old Syrian boy named Hamze, who is living as a refugee in Lebanon, answers the question, "What do you miss about home?"

And a video: children answer the question, "What does peace mean?"


What do you miss about home?


What’s different about your home in Syria, and your home here [in Lebanon]?

“Curtains. We had curtains in our house in Syria. Here, it is a tent.”

Hamze, 8, has fond memories of playing football with his friends at home in Syria. He also has loving memories of his father, whom they have lost contact with. His mother fears the worst, telling us that this is out of character for him.

Hamze is a brave young boy, like many who have had to assume the man-of-the-house role. He doesn’t speak of being scared. He doesn’t talk of pain. He was hit by shrapnel near his right eye, and although he doesn’t speak of it hurting, he is rubbing his head throughout the time we spent with him.

It’s funny when you ask children what they miss about home. It’s hard for many to quantify it all. Most will answer ‘killou’ which means: everything. Most will talk about flowers they used to pick or, like Hamze, the curtains in his house – things that remind them of being "home" and being comfortable. Now, drawing the curtains and locking a door are fragments of many children’s imaginations.

And while I hope with all my heart that the wish of millions of Syrians comes true – that one day they will be able to go home – I worry as well. I worry that the "everything” they miss is no longer there.

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