Day 22: Educating children with Christian values

Day 22: Educating children with Christian values | World Vision Blog

The book of Proverbs says, “Train up a child in the way he should go. And when he is old he will not depart from it.” There is no doubt that childhood is the perfect time to start building Christian and moral values basis!

See how Ronald in El Salvador is setting foot on the right path toward achieving his big dreams, with his Bible in hand!


In one weekend of February, El Salvador reported 19 violent deaths. There is an increasing need to reduce the risks of the most vulnerable people, especially children and youth, and a Bible can make the difference in building a country with values and a culture of peace.

In the municipality of Ciudad Barrios, which has high crime rates and one of the most dangerous prisons, a Bible in the hands of a child means a way to lead him onto the right path and to making correct choices amid this turbulent environment.

12-year-old Ronald received a Bible as part of a donation that World Vision made to Montaña de Fe Program in Morazán. “I was surprised when I received the Bible,” he says. “It is a beautiful Bible. My favorite story is David and Goliath, and my favorite verse is the one in Matthew: ‘Blessed are the pure in the heart for they shall see God.’ Reading the Bible helps me to learn, to move closer to God, and also to guide my friends with the teachings Jesus gives us.”

Juana, Ronald’s mother, says: “Bibles benefit children to get interested in good things. It is illustrated and my children like that because it is easy to read. Knowing the Word of God prevents them from getting involved with bad friendships.”

According to the people from this community, there is a lot of alcoholism and lack of values because of family disintegration. “Here, there is delinquency and sometimes the behavior of youth is not the best. I think that knowing the Word of God can help them,” adds Dina Zelaya, in charge of Sunday school at the Apostolic Church of the Faith in Jesus Christ, where Ronald attends.

She continues, saying that, “Children got excited when they saw Ronald’s Bible. It drew their attention, and we asked Ronald to read the Bible verses on that day. Not everyone has a Bible in the Sunday school, so Ronald was very fortunate.”

Day 22: Educating children with Christian values | World Vision Blog
Ronald and his sister Rina reading his illustrated Bible. (Photo: 2014 World Vision, Katia Maldonado)


Ronald, who has a big dream of serving his Church and become a policeman, says: “I read the Bible during the school break with my friend Kavin. I read it with my younger sister, alone, and when we meet at night with my family. I had never owned a Bible; I only had a New Testament. We pray together about eight in the evening and we ask God for spiritual growth, for the church’s growth, and for having the divine protection of God.”

“This donation is a great blessing for the families, and especially for children. My dream is that my children serve God. I want Ronald to learn to play the piano and to preach as my husband does,” Juana says.

World Vision delivered a total of 124 Bibles, which aim to build a Christian character in children with strong convictions about their faith that could be reflected in their lives and the environment where they live.

Through World Vision's Gift Catalog, you can send a Bible to a child without one … in his or her own language!

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