Day 1: Pray together this Advent

Day 1: Pray together this Advent | World Vision

As we count down to Christmas this Advent season, join us on Pinterest for daily images and prayers for you to pray with your kids for the world!

Find the Pin for Day 1 below.


Advent is a season of waiting and preparation for the coming of Jesus on Christmas Day.

What better way to wait and prepare than spending time in prayer?

More than just being in prayer this season, I want to encourage you to spend that prayer time with your families – with your kids. When I was growing up, my family prayed, but looking back I remember those prayers being mostly about myself: my own little world. It wasn't until much later that my heart opened up to the needs of the bigger world.

Let's raise up a new generation of hearts that care for the needs of the world!

Day 1: Pray together this Advent | World Vision


Each day for the next 25 days until Christmas, we'll be pinning a new image onto our Advent 2014: Pray Together for the World board on Pinterest along with a short prayer. These prayers and the beautiful images that accompany them are designed to focus on a variety of needs as big as the world and as small as each one of us.

Here's today's:

Day 1 Prayer: Dear Lord, thank You for coming to earth to bring us good news. Help me share Your message of good news with my friends and family today. Amen. 

Day 1: Pray together this Advent | World Vision

Through your support, World Vision works to equip communities around the world to fulfill the dream and vision that God has for all of His people. Follow the World Vision Advent calendar on Pinterest this Christmas season and join us as we pray for these communities.

What better way to kick-off Advent than to give? If these prayers inspire you to action, check out the many ways you can give to help the needs of the world through World Vision!

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