Day 24: Share your blessings

Day 24: Share your blessings | World Vision Blog

You are our blessing! Thanks to all of our supporters who make our work possible. We’ve encouraged you this month to Share #Joy … here’s a compilation of how our friends have shared and received joy this season.


Today’s challenge: Share with us how someone has been a blessing to you (comment below!)


“In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may see your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.” —Matthew 5:16 (NIV)


You are our blessing

Throughout this month as we’ve been sharing joy with the world, some common responses to our posts have been “Amen” and “Thank you,” with many notes mentioning the good work World Vision is doing. We love hearing that!

But I want to take a moment to thank all of you: our followers and donors and readers and supporters. Without all of you, none of our work is possible!

I’ve had the honor of working here for the past 10 months, and it’s humbling to know that I have 44,000 colleagues around the world all working alongside me doing God’s work among the poor. But everything we do comes from you: Without your support, none of our work is possible. So thank you!

We’ve been encouraging you to share joy this month…here are a few highlights of how joy has been shared and received over the past few weeks!

“Thank you for sharing your insights about joy and sharing it with others. World Vision gives me joy in knowing that there is an organization that is working for people around the world to not only make life better in providing basic needs, but spiritual needs that are, ultimately, the most important.” —Michelle

“How wonderful. First post I have seen that isn't demanding buy buy buy. Stop already. This is Jesus' day. WWJD?” —Judy

“This morning we had a plumber in to do some work. He told me about a Youtube video he saw recently in which a jaguar attacked and killed a caiman. I was amazed that a cat-like animal would take on a gator-like creature. Then, I saw the verse you shared with the advent calendar today: ‘The wolf will live with the lamb, the leopard will lie down with the goat, the calf and the lion and the yearling together; and a little child will lead them.’ And that is even more amazing to me! What a day that will be!” —Mary

“Thank you very much World Vision for helping our fellow men in the Philippines who were victims of the super typhoon Yolanda [Haiyan]. A million thanks to all the supporters and to all who have contributed their help and efforts to feed the hungry people and for giving them clothing. God bless you more.” —Lyd

“We sponsor a child Linesi thru World Vision. Wonderful Organization. We are Blessed to be a Blessing!” —Karen

“I am truly touched and challenged by these three kids' practical active faith. I have come to learn again that doubt and fear will not only stop you from doing what is right, but will also destroy what is right. But active faith even in the face of impossibilities will always prevail as did the faith of these three little kids. Thank you for allowing God to work through you to strengthen my faith again more especially in the aspect of giving.” —Ugochukwu

“I am so excited I just sent my 1st gift of animals-2 chickens!!!!” —Cindy

“We are excited too! We just sent our first gift of a baby goat to Rwanda!!!” —Fred

“My 1st grade class has collected $100 to buy a goat and two chickens!! We are so excited to be giving instead of getting!!” —Beth

“What are you giving Christ this year for Christmas? We are celebrating His birthday and all He wants is for us to love our neighbors. We could provide malaria nets, clean clothes, rabbits, goats, you name it. We are so blessed. All I want for Christmas is to help others.” —Jane

“I have 3 beautiful children that I am fortunate to be able to sponsor. When I send anything to them I receive the most beautiful responses & pictures back. It is so wonderful that they actually get what is sent to them and are so happy to get it.” —Linda

At the top: My sponsor is a blessing: Dércia and her classmates are grateful for the new school and water source from World Vision. (Photo: ©2013 Claudina Lembe/World Vision)

Care for an orphan. For children who have lost a parent, every day can be filled with fear and uncertainty. You can be a blessing to a child — not only for today, but also for tomorrow — with your gift to provide resources like clothing, education, and protection.


    The biggest blessing I receive in getting a letter from my sponsored child and he tells me he's praying for our family!

    My sponsor child, pamela has been a blessing. I received another letter from her today! Its amazing how God is using this organization to reach people all over the world, and you dont even need to leave your home. its very very cool.

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