Day 2: Share thanks

Day 2: Share thanks | World Vision Blog

For Cyber Monday today and #GivingTuesday tomorrow, we’re recommending our Top 5 items from the World Vision Gift Catalog. See which ones we chose as our favorites … maybe they’ll be yours, too!


Today’s challenge: Make a list! Share with us the top five things that you're thankful for this year by commenting below.


"Give thanks to the LORD, for he is good; his love endures forever." –Psalm 107:1 (NIV)


Five Christmas gift ideas to fight poverty and honor loved ones

Finding the perfect Christmas gift for friends and family can be tough. But with these five popular items from World Vision’s Gift Catalog, you can bring meaningful help and hope to children, families, and entire communities struggling with poverty, while honoring someone special in your life.

2 Soccer Balls: $16

Remember the carefree days of playing soccer as a child? Imagine never having that opportunity – because of poverty. Your gift of two soccer balls can replace a makeshift banana leaf ball or rounded wad of trash for an energetic child.

Soccer is a favorite sport of children all around the world. Yet many in poverty have never played with a real toy – let alone an actual soccer ball – because when basics like food are scarce, there’s no money left over. The simple gift of a soccer ball can let kids simply be kids.

$250 Worth of Necessities in the USA: $25

Right here in the United States, one in five children lives in a family struggling with poverty. Many parents are affected by unemployment, health problems, financial difficulties, or even homelessness. They simply can’t afford to provide basics for their children.

World Vision and its community partners work tirelessly to help ensure that these families receive the essentials they need to get back on their feet. Your donation will help deliver top-quality donated products to struggling Americans – items like shoes, clothing, books, school supplies, and more. And thanks to corporate donations, any amount you give will multiply 10 times in impact – so $25 becomes $250 worth of goods!

Hope for Sexually Exploited Girls: $35

Tragically, millions of children — most of them girls — are enslaved in the global sex trade today. Many end up there when poverty leads to desperate circumstances. Seeking to pay off family debts or earn income for basics, these children are lured into the worst kind of abuse, exploitation, and brutality.

Your gift will help support World Vision’s efforts to bring hope and healing to the most vulnerable, preventing further abuse and offering interventions like safe shelter, medical care, vocational training, compassionate counseling, and, when possible, reintegration with a loving family.

Share of a Deep Well: $100

Clean water is the foundation of life. Its absence can spell a vicious cycle of sickness and poverty for entire communities. Children can’t attend school when they have to walk long distances to fetch heavy loads of water and when that water makes them sick.

When you donate a share of a deep well, you support World Vision’s work to bring clean, safe water to communities in need. A deep well can provide several thousand gallons of clean water each day to benefit hundreds of people who will no longer have to walk long distances to gather dirty water.

Goat and 2 Chickens: $100

The gift of a goat and two chickens is our most popular Gift Catalog item – for good reason!

Goats and chickens offer a steady source of nutrition for growing children. A healthy goat can nourish a whole family with milk, cheese, and yogurt, and chickens produce protein-rich eggs. And surpluses can be sold for extra income, which can then be used for basics like school fees and medical care.

Plus, goats produce manure that can be used to fertilize crops and gardens, and chickens are easy to raise, requiring few resources to thrive. And, of course, the animals’ offspring can be sold for further income. By donating a goat and two chickens, you help bless a family with the gift of a sustainable source of nutrition and income, now and for years to come.

More ideas

Still looking? Browse through World Vision’s Gift Catalog and check out over 100 gifts that will honor a loved one this Christmas and bring meaningful, life-changing hope to a child, family, or entire community!

At the top: Gelane Dabi, 40, and her children watch the drilling of the deep borehole that will soon provide their community in Ethiopia with abundant, clean drinking water. (Photo: 2012 Kelley Lynch/World Vision)

Tomorrow is #GivingTuesday! For this year’s day of charitable giving, Bill Gates and the Gates Foundation chose World Vision as one of their four featured charities. For Bill and Melinda Gates, giving is about making the world a more fair and equitable place. Why do you give?


    1. A year spent drawing closer to God
    2. My family
    3. My health
    4. Introduction to WV and child sponsorship
    5. Blessing of being born in US (regardless of who's in charge, this is the best place in the world to live)

    Top 5 reasons to be thankful: decent health, loving family and pets, abundant food, wonderful home, strong faith.

    Thankful for God; The Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.
    Thankful for my family and husband.
    Thankful for my pup-dog.
    Thankful for my health.
    Thankful for the provision and experiences God provides.

    I am thankful:
    1. that God's plans are better than my own
    2. for the strength God has given me so far this semester
    3. for my internship that I love but I would have never pictured for myself
    4. that God will continue to help me
    5. for grace

    My family's top 5 thankful "things":
    1. God loving us
    2. A happy, loving home where all feel loved
    3. Our health
    4. Safety
    5. The beauty of creation

    The Top 5 Things I am Thankful for:
    1. God's un-endless love and forgiveness
    2. My faithful husband, Josh
    3. My amazing and supportive friends and family
    4. My health
    5. My home and all of my animals in it

    I am thankful for. . .
    1. Christ's death
    2. Family
    3. Friends
    4. Job
    5. My Bible

    I am thankful for....
    1.Being blessed abundantly by the Lord
    2.All the gifts and talents the Lord has blessed me with
    3.My family
    4.My friends
    5.My jobs

    Thankful for...
    the blood of Jesus, my husband and 2 sons, a new job, my church family, my health

    Our family is thankful for:
    1. Our family & friends who love & support us.
    2. Jesus Christ and his sacrifice.
    3. God's protection and abundant provision.
    4. Our Freedom.
    5. Health & healing

    I'm thankful for:

    1. Redemption
    2. The ability to know other's around the world
    3. the FSU Wesley Foundation family
    4. An adventurous family
    5. World Vision's careful and bold vision

    I am thankful for...
    my family
    my friends, who are like family
    opportunities to serve and give

    I am thankful for God's unconditional love, His abundant provisions, my family, friends, health.

    1. My deeper relationship with Jesus
    2. Mr. Fabulous, my husband
    3. My two sons have become terric young men
    4. My "bonus daughter"
    5. My energy level returning

    I am thankful for:
    1. Blessings given and received. Was my focus word for 2013.
    2. Becoming our church's newest elder family and working to help our small community grow spiritually and in fellowship.
    3. Celebrating 35 years of marriage.
    4. Exceeding the 25,000 card mark in my Cards for Troops ministry after 4/12 years. Creating greeting cards for our troops in the Middle East to have something to send home to their families.
    5. Rescuing a senior beagle dog from the streets and making her our newest furbaby. Saved her from being put down.

    I am thankful for God's love, mercy, and grace. I am thankful that God is sovereign and in control. I am everso grateful for God's forgiveness. I am so thankful for my husband. I am grateful for my family and friends.

    Top Five things I am Thankful for:
    1.Love of God, forgiveness & salvation & all
    things related to Jesus Christ
    2.My husband
    3. My family
    4.My friends
    5. Food, clothing & shelter

    1. Thankful for the people in this world who are selfless and dedicated to helping those in need
    2. Thankful for my health
    3. Thankful for the amazing beautiful spirits I brought into this world
    4. Thankful to have the love of a kind, gentle man
    5. Thankful for my friends and community

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