Day 14: Share a memory

Day 14: Share a memory | World Vision Blog

Would rabbits make a good Christmas gift? In today’s video, three kids from the United States consider what it might be like to give someone rabbits for Christmas. They would certainly be a memorable gift!


Today’s challenge: Share with a friend why a gift they gave you was memorable


“Then they opened their treasures and presented him with gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh. —Matthew 2:11b (NIV)


Share #joy through rabbits


Rabbits may not be a practical gift to wrap and put under the tree for someone special, but they can be a wonderful gift for families living in poverty around the world. Visit World Vision’s Gift Catalog to learn more!

At the top: Share Joy through Rabbits (Photo: World Vision)

Give the gift of 3 rabbits today! God created rabbits to be among the most prolific animals on earth, making them a terrific gift for a family in poverty. With a gestation period of just 31 days, a pair of rabbits can easily become 50 rabbits within a single year. These offspring can provide food or be sold at market, producing a steady source of extra income.


    What are you giving Christ this year for Christmas? We are celebrating His birthday and all He wants is for us to love our neighbors. We could provide malaria nets, clean cloths, rabbits, goats, you name it. We are so blessed. All I want for Christmas is to help others.

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