The contagious joy of sponsorship

The contagious joy of sponsorship | World Vision Blog

Leonor proudly holds the school supplies that her Family Christian sponsor, Jennifer, sent her. (Photo: Todd Ranson/World Vision)

Over the past 9 years, our partnership with Family Christian stores has changed the lives of 150,000 children through sponsorship! Come celebrate this landmark with us this weekend!

Today, Carrie Caddell – administrator for this partnership – tells the story of Jennifer, a Family Christian employee who has found joy through her relationship with a child.


Jennifer’s joy is contagious. When you walk into the Family Christian store where she works, the mood is light and uplifting. Worship music plays over the audio system and Jennifer is helping a customer complete a purchase. She begins talking with them about World Vision child sponsorship and tells them her own story …

The contagious joy of sponsorship | World Vision Blog
Jennifer shares her child sponsorship experience with a customer who has just chosen to sponsor a child as well! (Photo: Nathan Shain/World Vision)


Since Jennifer Locken started working at Family Christian, she’s always had a heart for children. Two years ago, she saw the face of a little 6-year-old girl named Leonor smiling up at her from a World Vision picture folder. What struck her most was that they shared a similar smile, a similar joy. Since the day she sponsored, she has kept Leonor’s photo in her car and has prayed for her every day.

Leonor is from El Salvador, where World Vision began working in 1975. Today, donors from the United States support more than 21,500 children through sponsorship programs in El Salvador, which strive to improve access to quality education and provide small business loans for the poorest of the poor.

When Jennifer learned that her colleagues from Family Christian would be visiting Leonor, she asked them to pass on a message from her: to look into Leonor’s eyes and tell her “that Jesus loves her and so do I.” Jennifer sent them with gifts of school supplies for Leonor and her siblings to share. Jennifer speaks proudly of Leonor’s accomplishments: “She’s grown so much, she’s just so different now. She’s just progressing and really learning. It’s really amazing.”

Through Jennifer’s sponsorship, Leonor has grown into a happy, confident little girl. Leonor and her siblings attend the local Kid’s Club where she learns about God’s love for her—just as Jennifer hoped she would.

Motivated by her relationship with Leonor, Jennifer has helped over 100 children find sponsors through her Family Christian store.

In fact, Jennifer is one of thousands of Family Christian partners who have made a difference in the lives of over 150,000 children through the partnership between Family Christian and World Vision!

On Saturday, February 22 between 11:00 am and 2:00 pm, we’ll be celebrating this accomplishment together! Come into the Family Christian store nearest you, enjoy a slice of free cake, and share your sponsorship stories with us.

We’re thankful for Family Christian and for so many of you who have participated in changing the lives of children and their families around the world. We look forward to celebrating with you this weekend!

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