Day 5: Boosting local agriculture

Day 5: Boosting local agriculture | World Vision Blog

Sponsored child Sreylin in Cambodia dreams of becoming a teacher! She is able to go to school because of her father's successful farming as part of a World Vision-supported agricultural cooperative.

See how World Vision and sponsorship make a difference in local communities!


12-year-old Sreylin is a World Vision sponsored child in Cambodia. She dreams of becoming a teacher. She is now in 7th grade.

“I love my teacher because she is beautiful and she speaks with good words to me and friends,” Sreylin says.

“I love my books and pens because I received them from World Vision. I love to draw with my friends,” she says.

Sreylin’s father, Lythorn Peng, 35, is a father of four. Sreylin is the second child. Lythorn is a member of a World Vision-supported Agriculture Cooperative in his community.

The Peam Raing Agriculture Cooperative (AC) group members come from 154 families in four villages. World Vision has introduced new agricultural techniques to every member. Further, the members are able to sell their crops at more competitive prices than they could on their own.

Through his membership, Lythorn is able to borrow money from AC with a very low interest rate. He has been able to increase his rice and corn yields every year and use the profits to improve his family’s living condition.

“We hope that children will be able to finish at least 12th grade. And we want to see all children are healthy,” Lythorn says of the group’s vision.

Through AC group activities, Lythorn’s living condition is much better, which is a benefit to his children. They are now able to go to school.

A big, tall wooden house with debris from corn seed under it shows that Lythorn is a farmer and that his corn yield just sold out.

"Because of World Vision, I can have big house," he says.

World Vision gave a big gift to Lythorn's community. It is an irrigation system that benefits all of the community members who do farming.

To ensure that the group will be sustainable, World Vision provided trainings to build capacity on leadership, micro finance, accounting, facilitation skills, agriculture skills, effective use of cash, and facilitating learning exchange for community leaders, enabling them to form the Agriculture Cooperative group.

Through the cooperative, the community is bound together to increase their income through main activities such as providing cash loans, seeds, fertilizers, and pesticides with low interest.

At the end of the year, the interest will benefit all of the members and be shared to all vulnerable children and poor families.

"We support children from very poor families to school. We supported them with school materials such as books, pencils, backpacks, and school uniforms. We also use the Agriculture Cooperative budget to help the poorest families for medical treatment for emergency case," Lythorn says.

“Our group (AC) encourages youths to save money and become members of the group,” he adds. “Thus they can save and generate income through different small business for their schooling at university.”

(Photo: 2013 Sopheak Kong/World Vision)

With sponsorship as the foundation of our work, help us share big dreams with farming communities in Cambodia! Sponsor a child like Sreylin today.


    This is good news! Thank you for bringing it to fruition and for sharing this good news! You are truly a light on a hilltop!

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