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Blessing our neighbors | World Vision Blog

The Macomber family celebrates education in Kenya. (Photo: 2014 Lindsey Minerva/World Vision)

After traveling 9,000 miles to Kenya last summer, author Debbie Macomber felt God ask her, "Where is your home?"

See the blessing that Debbie discovered through her trip, and how today she's planning to reach out to her newfound neighbors.


The journey to Kenya, as Kari Costanza wrote, was 9,000 miles. I knew because I flew those 9,000 miles with my husband, my daughter, Adele, and two of our granddaughters, Bailey and Maddy. A 9,000 mile trip forever changed us.

For several years, Wayne and I have donated to the work of World Vision. Instead of buying our grandchildren birthday gifts, we gave them a catalogue from World Vision and let them choose a gift for another child, a child in need. We did this with the hope of instilling in them a caring and generous heart. We wanted to show them how fortunate they were to live in a country where going to school was a normal part of childhood and turning on a faucet was a privilege.

They learned about children, just like them, who walk as many as five hours a day in order to gather enough water for their family for a single day. And because water is so important it takes priority over schooling, playing with friends, playing sports, or anything else. Our grandchildren are grateful for the life they have been given. The life we all have been blessed with.

Blessing our neighbors | World Vision BlogThen through a unique set of circumstances, my book This Matter of Marriage found its way into a suitcase of supplies sent to a newly opened secondary school for girls in Kenya. When I wrote the book, little did I realize that God intended to send this story 9,000 miles away. I never envisioned that it would touch the heart of a brave, courageous young woman, inspiring her and her classmates.

I knew this was God’s call for me to do more and to give my readers the opportunity to join me in this venture through awareness, understanding, prayer, and charity.

For many of us, charity begins at home. A good majority of Wayne's and my charitable giving helps others right here in America and our own community. After my trip to Kenya, I felt the Lord ask me, "Where is your home?"

My home is here in this blessed country where young teenage girls aren't forced into FGM and marriage, often as second or third wives. But a still, small voice inside me was saying that my home is also in the Kingdom of God … and that includes Kenya.

In the parable in Luke 10, Jesus asks His disciples, "Who is your neighbor?"

Like the Good Samaritan, my heart tells me that these girls are my neighbors.

These girls are your neighbors, too.

We have the ability to change lives right here at home. God’s home. With our neighbors. Yours and mine. We are blessed and we have the opportunity to bless others.

And that's a privilege.

This fall, Debbie Macomber has a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of September to build a high school that will provide high-quality education for girls in Kenya. It costs approximately $200 per girl to keep the school fully equipped and running smoothly. 

Make a donation or start your own fundraising campaign today!


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