A five-star gift that changes lives and gives hope

A five-star gift that changes lives and gives hope | World Vision Blog

6-year-old Arminda in Bolivia, whose family's fortunes were dramatically changed by the gift of pigs from World Vision's Gift Catalog. (Photo: ©2011 Jon Warren/World Vision)

Give the Gift of a Pig - One Pig $205 or a Share of a Pig $25!

Give the gift of a pig today to boost family incomes and provide plenty of protein for undernourished children. One sow can produce 20 babies a year, and within six months a piglet can weigh 200 pounds — and fetch a hefty price at the market.

See why pigs are this family's favorite gift!


5 out of 5 stars

Our favorite gift! Cute! Pink! Curly tail! And it can take a family from extreme poverty to sufficiency. I know. I've seen it first-hand …

A five-star gift that changes lives and gives hope | World Vision Blog
Arminda holding one of her
family's pigs. (Photo: 2011 Jon
Warren/World Vision)


Arminda holding one of her family's pigs. (Photo: 2011 Jon Warren/World Vision)

In early August 2011, I was blessed to travel to Cochabamba, Bolivia with World Vision's Bolivia Bloggers Team. Eight bloggers and a photographer spent eight days visiting World Vision communities to experience first-hand how Child Sponsorship improves the lives of children, their families, and their communities.

It was my first time to see this kind of extreme poverty.

My worldview changed that week, because of moments like this:

I'll never forget the day I walked across a wooden plank, through the wooden fence, and into the home of Oscar and Elena Alegre.

On either side of a walkway were pens with pigs grouped together by age and size. The first thing that hit me was that it was clean. It didn't smell. And then I saw her …

As I walked with the other Bolivia Bloggers past pigs, my eyes lit on a little girl with an enchanting smile and a family who just a few short years before had had little reason to smile. 

Parents who had almost given up hope for the future. Who worried about the health and well-being of their sons. Whose lives changed through the gift of two pigs. Pigs that helped to restore their hope and give them the courage to adopt a little girl who needed a family.

A five-star gift that changes lives and gives hope | World Vision Blog
Pigs in Bolivia. (Photo: 2011 Deb Wolf)


Such is the beauty of a piglet gift. One sow can bear 20 piglets a year. In just six months, the piglets can grow to 200 pounds each and are ready for market. Each piglet costs only 60 Bolivianos, or U.S. $8, to raise. The sale price is 700 Bolivianos, or $100 each.

The pigs also gave the family the ability to do something incredible adopt a little girl.

Arminda was about 5 when the Alegre family heard about her. That little girl was suffering, Elena says. Her mother wanted to give her away to anyone. Even though we didnt have a lot, we decided to adopt her. God will bless you when you take care of the children. (Read the rest of their story here.)

A five-star gift that changes lives and gives hope | World Vision Blog
The Alegre family. (Photo: 2011 Deb Wolf)


I carry this family in my heart. Their love for each other. Their hard work ethic. They inspire me.

They have overcome so much with the help of World Vision through the blessings of Child Sponsorship and the gift of pigs and other small animals.

Something I love about the gift of animals is that they not only provide essential nutrition for children and families; they provide income and hope for the future.

Do you love the practice of "paying it forward?" Many of the animal programs offered by World Vision encourage families to give back baby animals so that other families might be helped. Can you imagine the joy of going from recipient to giver? Their smiles say it all.

A five-star gift that changes lives and gives hope | World Vision Blog
(Photo: 2011 Amy Connor/World Vision)


My husband and I believe that we've never had more fun giving money away than we have helping this family and others like them. Giving something that can truly be life-changing.

Look at that smile! It gives us joy. A delightful little girl and a loving family. A story that blesses and inspires. A story that, for us, makes a pig a five-star gift.

You can change lives by donating the gift of a pig or a share of a pig through the World Vision's Gift Catalog. Sharing through the Gift Catalog is one of our favorite things to do. We love giving a gift that won't go on the shelf in a week or two. One that can changes lives and offer hope.


    My family participates in the Advent Conspiracy each Christmas and pigs, chickens, goats, etc. are among the gifts we give in honor of others. What a wonderful way to share what God has blessed us with and to teach our children to do the same. May we give more generously this year than ever before. Thank you!

    I am not working outside the home, so only have a limited budget when it comes to giving. After reading this, I will take some of the Christmas money my mother gives me to make a donation to this most worthy cause. Oh, how the smiles of this family touched my heart!
    Thanks, Deb, for enlightening us all!

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