5 great Christmas gifts that may surprise you

5 great Christmas gifts that may surprise you | World Vision Blog

9-year-old Evelyn holds a baby goat. (Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)

Yes, you can give goat poop for Christmas. Or bee vomit. And the crazy thing? These gifts will actually change lives.

Here are the top 5 Christmas gifts that may surprise you…



5 great Christmas gifts that may surprise you | World Vision Blog
Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren


Give a goat for heaps of life-changing poop

Goats are an amazing source of organic, locally sourced … manure. Or as farmers call it: fertilizer! It’s valuable because it helps condition the soil (by adding nutrients) and improves the soil’s texture (so that the ground uses water more efficiently). Plus, goat pellets are drier than most other manure, making them easier to spread. All of this adds up to bigger and more bountiful vegetable gardens and crops for families in need all around the world.

Ever better? A goat delivers daily dairy—up to 16 cups of milk a day! And when the herd multiplies, so does a family’s income.

Give a goat



Beehive in the Dominican Republic. (Video: ©2016 World Vision/video by Matthew Brennan)


Bestow a beehive and build the buzz around honey.

There’s some controversy over whether or not honey is actually bee vomit, but we’ll let you decide. Bees store nectar in an organ they use only for nectar. Some call it a “honey stomach.” The nectar is then partially digested and regurgitated (fancy word for vomit!) when it’s ready to be stored in the final step of the honey-making process.

Gross words aside, honeybees are great for a family in need and for nature! Honey gives nourishment to growing kids and is easy to bottle and sell as a nice little family business.

Plus, these much-needed pollinators help farmers raise healthier crops.

Give a beehive



5 great Christmas gifts that may surprise you | World Vision Blog
Primary school students in Zambia. (Photo: ©2014 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)


Give the gift that gives back for a lifetime.

Okay, so you aren’t technically giving out the diploma—these smart students will be earning that themselves. But you ARE giving more of them the opportunity to graduate with a big dream for their future!

When you give the gift of education through World Vision, you’re helping to train teachers and giving children the tools they need to stay in school and succeed. You’ll be doing more than filling seats in a classroom—you’ll be filling young minds with poverty-shattering knowledge!

Give education for children



5 great Christmas gifts that may surprise you | World Vision Blog
Sponsored boy, Padrick, 10, holds a pan full of eggs from chickens his family got through the Gift Catalog. (Photo: ©2016 World Vision/photo by Jon Warren)


Donate chickens … the original egg-delivery service.

The egg may be the perfect food. It’s got its own case and is packed with protein and essential nutrients that every family needs. But you have to give the chicken to give the egg, right?

One of the fairest benefits of this “fowl” gift is that they are super easy to breed. Their chicks need very little money, space, and food to turn into an entire flock of benefits for a family in need.

Give chickens



5 great Christmas gifts that may surprise you | World Vision Blog
Photo: ©World Vision


Give a Relief Bed® for the best kind of relief.

For many of us, an inflatable mattress means too many people are staying at Grandma’s for Christmas. For others it conjures fond memories of the living room on movie night. Yet others rely on it to make the family camping trip just a little bit easier on the ol’ back.

But this Relief Bed® is destined for the noblest of pursuits—serving those hit by disasters, people living as refugees, and those waiting in underserved health clinics across the world. You’ll be giving literal comfort to those who need it most with this innovative, self-inflating mattress. (It’s even got proprietary air/foam technology and a built-in pillow to boot!)

Give a Relief Bed®

Explore the World Vision Gift Catalog to find both traditional and surprising gift ideas!


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