Haya's song

Today's post -- a letter and a song -- was written by a 10-year-old girl named Haya. She is a refugee from Syria.

Here's what she has to say.

*     *     *

Peace to you.

I am talking on behalf of Syrian children, calling on you -- the people of the other world. Have you ever thought of Syria? Have you ever thought of the children of Syria? My country, Syria?

I hope that Syrians will be in good will. Jordanians here they have hosted us in their homes, and if we were in their shoes we would be hosting them as well, paying for their rents and never forgetting about them.

We fear you are forgetting us.

Please, we are very bored here. Please, my name is Haya, and my father was killed. I want to go back to Syria. I loved my father so much, and I love him even more than my mother and you know why? Because I used to see him only once a year (he traveled) and now I will never see him again.

—Haya, 10

*     *     *

Haya’s song: "Syria is crying for her children"

Syria is in pain.

Syria is bleeding.

Syria is crying for her children.

Her children were her candles, and they have faded out.

Now we are all everywhere outside Syria.

We are crying, and Syria is crying blood because her children are missing.

Syria misses her people -- the children.

It is not manhood when you steal a smile from the face of a child or make mothers cry -- even God will never agree on this injustice and never approve of it.

We, the children, want things to be better again.

We want to get back to our country and rebuild it.

We want to be in our country rebuilding again and again.

We want to be in our country rebuilding again and again.

Make a one-time donation to help World Vision provide emergency assistance for Syrian refugees. Your donation will help us provide basic hygiene kits and food vouchers for refugee families, as well as established Child-Friendly Spaces to provide affected children with a safe place to play, learn, and interact with their peers.


    Truly through JESUS, GOD gives us peace that surpasses understanding and joy the world can't take away. GOD bless us to be a blessing to those in need.

    There is nothing more heartbreaking than the cries of a child. I pray that this little one will find comfort. But I also know that the only true, lasting comfort for her is in the arms of the one who bids the children to come. So I pray that she will receive that which she needs the most: The Good News and the love of Jesus.

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