Kenya through Kris' eyes

Since I’ve gotten back from World Vision's 2012 True Spirit of Christmas Tour, I'm frequently asked: “Didn’t you go to Kenya?  How was that?”

I’m never one to answer really fast, because I always want to give a real answer. I could just say, “It was great!” -- and the conversation would end there, but that would defeat the purpose of why I went.

I went so I could tell people about what’s going on in Kenya and what World Vision is doing to help out.

I know this is a little bit after the fact, but sometimes it takes a little while to be at home to really understand what happened when you experience something like I did on my trip. So here is my most honest recollection of the things that I saw.

*     *     *

It was such a beautiful trip. As much as I was ready to get back home to my family, I could’ve stayed there for a little longer and hung out with some of the people.

They are the most beautiful people you will ever meet. How many children do you know who have to search for food or clean water for their family every day -- and greet a stranger with a warm embrace?  How many teenagers do you know who have lost friends to life on the street -- and still have hope for their own life? How many moms do you know who care for their children so much that all they want is a light to help them read at night?

These are the people I met. These are the people of Kenya.

Here's one thing I learned on this trip: World Vision is not asking you to understand what these people go through. We can’t. They live a totally different life than us. They are not asking for you to feel sorry for them. They don’t show you pictures of sad kids. Most of the kids we came across were very happy.

All they want is for you to love them enough so that they have a shot. They deserve that.

Here are some more pictures of mine that I took on the trip.


    Thank you, Kris. I learned things from you this year. <3

    Beautifully written, Kris, and beautiful pictures.

    How beautifully said! We really enjoyed the blogs and videos that Kris made while he was in Kenya. I absolutely love the beaded ornaments that I received by donating to the Maximum Impact fund. So much work went into them by the teens that made them.

    I really appreciate your perspective - especially your questions "how many kids do you know . . ." It helps me see that though I am rich, I am blind. They love without basic needs or comfort. So can we.

    Such a beautiful experience you had with the people in Kenya! Thank you for sharing! God bless.

    You had such a wonderful experience. and right money is not such important. People live different life than us very happily and they don't have any arguments on that.

    Kris, you inspire me through your beautiful words, to reach out to the people of Kenya and around the world. I'm so glad you got to experience this trip and share it with us! Thank you!

    I'm so glad all of you enjoyed following Kris for the True Spirit of Christmas tour! Thank you for all of your wonderful feedback!


    Lindsey, WV Blog manager

    Kris, you are so inspiring and this makes me want to reach out to the children of Kenya and elsewhere. Thank you for taking this trip to share the mission of World Vision. You are inspirational!

    Very nice.

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