[Video] Away in a manger

During this year's True Spirit of Christmas tour, you have seen our host Kris Allen learn about the life-giving benefits of clean water and the gift of chickens. You've even seen him herd goats.

What you haven't seen him do is the thing he is most known for -- singing.

Today, that changes. You get the chance to see Kris Allen share a song with Sylvia and her family.

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    He is awesome and the kids are adorable. Are there more recorded songs???

    Hi Margie-

    I love the part when he starts laughing because the fly lands on his nose! Keep checking back, there is still plenty more from Kris!

    Lindsey, WV Blog Manger

    Love Kris Allen!!! I want my daughter to marry someone just like him! Awesome to see him working with World Vision, an organization I believe in & have supported for MANY years! <3

    Always a pleasure to hear Kris sing and see him interact with children (and flies)!

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