Top five ways to connect with your sponsored child

Sponsorship is about more than just giving money to help people in need -- it's about letting children know they are loved.

Taking time to write letters or send small gifts and cards can create a meaningful relationship with your sponsored child. Many sponsors find that investing in this relationship is more than a blessing for their sponsored child -- it also changes their own life.

Read on to learn how you can create a lasting relationship with your sponsored child.

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1. Write a letter.

Letter-writing might feel intimidating at first, but your letter doesn't have to be perfect to be encouraging to your sponsored child. He or she is curious to know about who you are and what your life is like!

Introduce yourself and your family members. Share your age, hobbies, sports you watch or play, and other activities you are involved in. Who do you consider to be a part of your family? Share about their ages and interests to help paint a picture of daily life for your sponsored child. It's important to focus not on possessions -- your sponsored child might not have many of those -- but rather on relationships and activities.

Taking the time to write your sponsored child conveys the message that he or she is valuable and loved by you.

2. Send photos.

Photos of you and your family will be treasured by your sponsored child, and they'll help him or her feel more connected to your life.

Like letter-writing, it's important to focus on people, not possessions. Remember how connected you felt to your sponsored child when you saw his or her picture? Sending photos of your own will help your sponsored child feel similarly connected to you.

3. Send a small gift.

Many families don't have money for anything extra, so small gifts can mean a lot. Your gift will need to fit in a 6x9 envelope. Stickers, bandanas, coloring books, colored pencils (with a sharpener!) are a great place to start.

If you have children or grandchildren, you can also send their drawings or photos.

4. Write an email.

You don't have to spend a lot of time to create a meaningful connection. Logging into My World Vision makes it easy to email your sponsored child. Your child will respond via regular mail, so it may take several months to receive a letter back.

Here are some step-by-step tips on emailing your child.

5. Send a card.

After you sponsor a child, World Vision will send you colorful cards to send to your sponsored child. It is one of the easiest ways to make a connection with the child -- simply fill out the card and drop it in the mail.

The card will be sent to the World Vision office in your child's country and translated into his or her language. Children receive these cards around birthdays and holidays. Greeting cards can brighten your child's day, and your card will be treasured for months to come.

Know that the letters, photos, and packages you send will bring joy to your sponsored child and help foster a deeper connection.

If you have written a letter or email to your sponsored child, it might take some time to receive a reply. World Vision staff members are hard at work processing, translating, and delivering your messages. Please don't let that discourage you from reaching out to your sponsored child.  Doing so will be a blessing and encouragement -- for your sponsored child, and for you!

Currently a sponsor? Sign in to My World Vision today for additional tips on how to connected with your sponsored child.

If you're not yet a sponsor, consider becoming one today. Your commitment for a boy or girl in need will do more than just provide life-giving basics; it will help foster a deep connection between you and a child who will know your name, feel your prayers, and experience your support through your correspondence.


    I think this is my favorite part of sponsoring children, the interaction and writing to them and hoping that they are smiling. My first sponsored child told us that she showed her family and friends our letters and pictures and that she always looked forward to them. That was so beautiful to me, but I understood because when I was a pre-teen I started writing to pen-pals on a regular basis and they were my only friends for a time. Letter writing has always been a joy, but now to write to a child in a community that we are able to reach out to, means so much!!!!!! I love World Vision. As a child ambassador, I always try to encourage others who are interested in sponsoring to be a part of interacting with letters!

    Hi Victoria,

    Thanks for all that you do to care for your sponsored child, and encouraging others to do the same. You are a making a difference in the lives of children around the world.


    Lindsey, WV Staff

    I was very surprised to learn when I received Kwiminyaga's progress report that she is now married.

    I am trying to decide whether I want to continue to support her.

    Arlene Chatman

    Hi Arlene, is Kwiminyaga your sponsored child? If you would like to talk more about how she is doing, give us a call at 1-888-511-6548?

    Lindsey, WV Staff

    Its a good idea how you treat others in need.

    i would like to help thru a monthly contribution, say 600php a month to a child. am currently retired from work but i like to help in any way i can. thank you!

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