[Sri Lanka Bloggers] Let us bring you a momento from our Sri Lankan adventure!

As you might have heard, World Vision's bloggers are going on another trip. This time, we're headed to the island country of Sri Lanka.

Our hope and prayer is that you'll follow our journey, find hope and inspiration in the stories we share, and perhaps be moved to join the story by sponsoring a child from Sri Lanka through World Vision.

To celebrate this coming journey, we're having a little contest. We've put together four identical prize packages -- a collection of some of our favorite books, music, and World Vision apparel. To each of those four packages, we will add a unique prize made by the people of Sri Lanka.

*     *     *

Each of the four winners will receive a copy of:

Additionally, winners will receive:

  • A World Vision t-shirt from GIVEN™, the apparel line inspired by World Vision
  • An official World Vision track jacket
  • And a handmade item from Sri Lanka…

To enter for your chance to win, simply "like" World Vision's Facebook page and each of the bloggers' Facebook pages using the handy Rafflecopter tool below. (Note: You will need to be signed into your Facebook account for it to work.) Then, you will automatically be entered to win one of the FOUR amazing prize packages. Each "like" equals one entry.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

This contest begins on Thursday, August 16, 2012, and will end at midnight (EST) on Wednesday August 22, 2012. Winners will be selected at random. One winner per household. You must be 18 years or older and have a valid U.S. address to enter. No purchase is necessary. Winners will be announced and/or contacted on or before September 10, 2012.


    I hope you guys enjoy your amazing trip and also hope I win some amazing prizes! May God bless and protect you on your trip!

    I sure hope i win! This would help me in my walk with the Lord as i have just rededicated my life to him! Thank you. I also hope you enjoy your trip and hope some day to be able to take a misionary trip myself to serve the lord!

    Great idea to bring attention to your new presence in Sri Lanka! Lots of fun! God bless your work there.

    This is a wonderful opportunity to learn about God and your labor in the world community!

    I sponsor a child in South Africa. Thank you for all that you do to bring life and happiness to these childen and their families.

    God bless you all!

    I'm earning a degree in English education/ TESOL right now to become a missionary/humanitarian aid worker RIGHT NOW! I love what you guys (all of you + God) do for the world and what you enable other servants to do through your resources. God bless to the uttermost!

    Hi Adri, thanks for your encouraging words. I'm curious- what is TESOL? Best of luck with your studies!

    Lindsey, WV Staff

    I sponsor girls in Armenia and Ethiopia and I have two adopted girls from Ethiopia. Thank you for all the work you do to care for the children that God calls to stay in their home country.

    Wow Kirsten, it sounds like you have a heart for children- thanks for making a difference in children's lives.


    Lindsey, WV Staff

    I was so blessed to see the announcement of this opportunity to follow this experience! Thank you, Lord! I felt called to sponsor a child 13 years ago & still remember the anticipation & excitement when the young lady on the phone asked if I wanted a boy or girl & in which area. I just prayed God would send me who He wanted me & my family to be blessed with. We received a 17 month old little boy from Sri Lanka! We love him so much, even through our communication is limited, and my three children call him their "adopted little brother!!" ;)

    I sponser Christine Magna in Senagal. God bless this child!

    World Vision really does take their 'WORLD' impact serious, I Luv It!

    what a precious and thoughtful thing to do! each item is an item of ministry and blessing. i have no doubt that whomever receive these gifts will be blessed out of their socks!

    The blessing of child sponsorship for me includes a child in Sri Lanka, and I'm so glad World Vision is continuing its wonderful work there. I know my sponsored child is benefiting from the educational activities and health resources available to his family. Thank you!

    I just started sponsoring with World Vision. I sponsor a little girl in Romania. I love what World Vision is doing!

    I am so blessed to sponsor a precious young lady in Brazil. I thank the Lord for the work that world vision is doing and has done through the years.

    We can't to follow the action in Sri Lanka, as we have been sponsoring a child there! The timing is so exciting!

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