Building a HungerFree world

Every day, people without enough to eat are consumed by the task of survival. Broken political systems, environmental challenges, natural disasters, and the cycle of poverty entrench the poor in a constant search for their next meal.

This is a reality that no person should live with -- but millions do.

World leaders are uniquely positioned to address the complex issues that cause global hunger. This May and June, leaders from around the world will gather for the G8 and G20 summits. Hunger needs to be on the agenda, and leaders need to commit to taking steps toward food security and better nutrition. World Vision wants to ensure that the voices of the hungry reach the ears of the people who have the power to make influential decisions.

In that spirit, today marks the beginning of HungerFree -- a global campaign to end hunger.

Over the next 20 days, we will be providing you with ways to add your voice and creativity to the message we are sending our leaders.

Be a part of the movement:

  • Add your Facebook profile picture to our Global Facebook Photo Project.
  • Tweet global leaders, asking them to take action against world hunger.
  • Upload art to our HungerFree Art Challenge. Create art that expresses the importance of a hunger-free world. Visitors will vote on their favorites. The eight winning art pieces will be printed as the covers for the HungerFree photo books given to G8 leaders, as well as displayed on the HungerFree art installation being built outside the G8 Summit in Washington, D.C.

Learn more about the HungerFree campaign, and take action today to bring relief to the 925 million people worldwide who suffer from hunger.


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