What you've taught us in the first year

One year ago this week, the World Vision Blog was officially launched -- and with it came a new way to share stories and reflections of our global work, while creating a forum for conversations with you, the supporters who make it all possible.

In the past year, the scope and depth of these conversations have reflected a diverse group of contributors who each brought a unique set of thoughts, experiences, and expertise to the pages of this blog. With their help, we’ve covered tsunamis and earthquakes, a food crisis and famine, domestic disasters, the federal budget, the world's newest country, a blogger trip to Bolivia, and much, much more. Nearly 270 posts from almost 90 different contributors -- writers, photographers, bloggers, child sponsors, World Vision partners and artists, and our senior leadership and board members -- have created an informative, engaging dialogue on issues of poverty, justice, and humanitarian aid and development.

We've learned a lot from this community. We've seen your willingness, motivation, and compassion for those in need. We've seen your commitment to help -- even when times are tough right here in our own backyard. And we've seen your recognition of the responsibility we all bear, as followers of Christ, to assist those who are less fortunate.

Passion -- and compassion

Our readers and contributors genuinely care about children and families in need -- both here in the United States and around the world. Some of you feel this way because you can relate to their circumstances personally; for others, perhaps it's a desire to help because you find yourself with extra resources that can be used to bring blessings to those who go without. Some of you give and help through your church; some do so with family.

No matter how or why you choose to come alongside the children, families, and communities we serve, your passion to care for others is obvious -- through your encouraging, insightful comments; through your questions of our field staff and experts; and through your support of this blog community with your readership and your interest in World Vision.


In the past year, times have been difficult right here at home. With an economy that continues to falter, we've seen fellow Americans -- perhaps our own neighbors, friends, or family -- struggle with unemployment and financial strain. But in the midst of those difficulties, we've also seen a recognition within this blog community of the desperate need that continues to exist elsewhere in the world -- hunger, disease, disaster, and lack of access to clean water, healthcare, and other necessities. Many of you face profound struggles of your own, but you've shown an unwavering commitment to share what you do have to help those in places where the need may be far greater.

This does not simply refer to financial giving; many of you use your voice to advocate on behalf of those affected by poverty and injustice. Others volunteer, or write blog posts of your own that spread the word about our mission. Still others read this blog regularly and use it as a launching pad for conversation with others about the needs of the poor and the marginalized.

Recognition of responsibility

Whether your motivation stems from your faith, profession, or just pure passion, you -- our readers -- have shown your recognition of the responsibility we have, as Americans and as Christians, to care for those who are affected by poverty or injustice. Your devotion continues to inspire us as we use this space to discuss the issues relevant to our work as an organization.

*     *     *

The World Vision Blog was always intended to be a place of community and conversation, where we seek a broad variety of perspectives -- from staff members and supporters -- on a wide range of topics that matter to our readers. Your generous contributions and support have helped to accomplish exactly that in the blog's first 12 months.

As we take a moment to look back on highlights of the past year, here's to another great year ahead!

We always want to hear from our readers. Do you have questions, comments, or suggestions for the World Vision Blog? Let us know -- leave them as comments below!

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    Happy Anniversary! And while I am here, I want to give a shout out to those people who ran the Los Angeles half-marathon on Sunday to raise money for World Vision! World Vision, if you would like a blog post about that, I am a professional writer, I would be happy to interview the people from my church who ran and the representative of World Vision who hooked them up, email me!

    Thank you for your blog! I read it every morning and always find it an inspiring read. It's great learning more about how World Vision works around the world. Thanks and keep up the good work!

    I'm an avid crotcheter ( hats, from babies to adults) and also mittens and slippers.
    I hope there's a need for them through your organization.
    I make them and give them to whoever needs them.

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