Something miraculous at Christmas

The follow post was written by Narine Ohanyan, World Vision field communicator in Armenia.

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Do you believe in miracles?

For a mother in Armenia, something miraculous is happening at Christmas.

“I love the ornaments and the lights. I love to stare at them,” says 4-year-old Narek Qotanjyan.

Coming from a child in the United States, this statement wouldn’t be so surprising. However, Narek lives in Armenia with a disability.

If you are a child in Armenia, your chance of being poor is one in three. But if you have a disability, your chance of being poor is more than two out of three; 70 percent of children with disabilities live in poverty.

Around Christmastime, poverty becomes especially visible. That’s why World Vision throws big Christmas parties every year -- so that all children can experience the joys of the season.

More than 60 children with disabilities came to a Christmas celebration at the World Vision center in the Armenian capital, Yerevan.

Three-year-old Artyusha Aghasyan came to a World Vision Christmas celebration with his mother and sister. Artyusha is autistic. He has been coming to a World Vision child development center for four months now.

Watching her son dance with the other children, Anush Aghasyan cannot help but smile.

“Something miraculous is happening in my child now," says Anush. "I can see him change day by day. Within a very short period of time, he has had significant speech improvements, as well as behavioral and emotional changes.”

At the celebration, the children got to see Santa Claus, play games, sing songs, and receive presents from World Vision. But the parents benefited just as much, getting a much-needed break and inspiration in the midst of caring full-time for their high-needs children.

“Christmas reveals how very precious life is. It is about giving, about hope and faith, about courage and spirit,” shares Anush.

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May you experience the joy and miracle of Christmas this year and into the next. Happy holidays, from World Vision staff around the world!


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