GIVEN: The new line of apparel inspired by World Vision

When I interviewed Kevin back in April, he spoke of Jedidiah's unique ability to connect fashion with social causes, his heart for the child trafficking issue, and how combined, these two things have fueled a partnership between Jedidiah and World Vision. At the tail end of our chat, he mentioned Jedidiah's newest venture -- creating a brand consortium that will leverage the Made For Good mission statement and embedded generosity model. Today, he guest blogs to let us know exactly what he's been up to the last six months.... -Lindsey, managing editor, WV Blog

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A lot has been happening since the last time I interviewed on this blog.

We recently wrapped up our spring/summer partnership with World Vision, where we raised money to build a trauma recovery center in Cambodia for children exploited by sex trafficking.

Earlier this year, we also worked with World Vision and created a group of relief effort t-shirts for the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. It was a humbling experience for us to see this program raise $40,000 in just a few short weeks. We are now doing the same with special edition Horn Of Africa tees are available now.

Even though we've accomplished a lot in the past year in our efforts to support World Vision's work, we had a desire to do even more.

So, a few months back, we started kicking around the idea of creating a consortium of brands all based on the philosophy of the Jedidiah business model, which is “embedded generosity.” We believe in the concept of social enterprise, and that through commerce, new resources can be directed to assist the humanitarian work being done by World Vision and other great organizations. This is the foundation of Jedidiah -- “to use apparel sales as a vehicle to provide care, support, and financial resources to those in need.”

Out of this conversation of expanding the Jedidiah footprint, we have created a new company called Made For Good (MFG). MFG is our new home to a family of brands, all of which share the same desire -- apparel that is made for the good of others.

More recently, we are excited to announce a new brand we have developed specifically for the benefit of World Vision.

GIVEN, inspired by World Vision, will generate a new revenue stream to help World Vision fulfill its mission to build a better world for children. The premise behind the brand is simple -- nonprofits regularly ask their donor base to GIVE. We believe that our capacity to GIVE is directly related to our acceptance of what Jesus has first GIVEN us. When we fully embrace this concept and fully realize that all we have has first been GIVEN to us, our passion for GIVING to others grows.

In this exclusive relationship, 30 percent of all revenue will be GIVEN back to World Vision to help support its mission. GIVEN, inspired by World Vision, is now part of the MFG family of brands that use apparel sales to provide care, support and financial resources to those in need.

The line has been launched with t-shirts, long sleeve raglans, polos, and fleece for men and women. But we have lots of plans to add more outerwear, accessories, and other apparel items along the way.

Our hope with Jedidiah, Made For Good, and GIVEN is not just to raise money for our nonprofit partners, but also to encourage companies to walk down a similar path. No matter what your job is, no matter what your talent is, there is a place for you to serve and to GIVE to others. The best way to influence people to follow a path to Christ is to serve others.

As we approach the holiday season -- the GIVING season -- be encouraged. We have all been GIVEN so much.

Shop GIVEN now.

And check out the World Vision Facebook Page today for a special promo code for the GIVEN store.

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Kevin Murray is the CEO and founder of Jedidiah and Made For Good. Check out the new items available at GIVEN -- including t-shirts, long-sleeve, polos, and other outerwear. Thirty percent of proceeds from sales of items in this apparel line will support World Vision's efforts to fight poverty and injustice around the world.

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    O my gosh i love! love these cloths! the fact that its for charity makes it even better

    I truly think it's awesome what you are trying to do. But wouldn't it be nice if Christians truly believed everything they have comes from God. He commands us to love one another as He loves us. Can we not just give, sacrifice some without getting in return!

    @ Becky - "Can we not just give, sacrifice some without getting in return!" Sure Christians can give without getting something in return. But why turn away anyone with compassion for the world's innocent children, whether they are Christian or not? There is nothing wrong with wanting a little something in exchange for the symbol of our labors. If all one does is give, there is depletion-we call that "unsustainable." All of nature is about the balance of give and take.

    I truly believe all I have has been GIVEN to me by God. This includes what I do for work and the company I own. Our way of giving our business back to God is through doing projects like this that raise awareness and resources for hurting children and families.

    Any chance the ladies tops will be available in plus sizes *even big girls need these AWESOME shirts! lol

    Ha! Ha! I'm with you there!

    What about a shirt that just says GIVEN with the black block GIVE and orange N? Keep it simple. It will produce plenty of conversation both for WV and the Gospel!

    Giving is a wonderful thing, but we all need clothes, right? So why not buy clothes from someone who is going to support a good cause than buy clothes from a manufacturer that is in it all for profit?

    I will definitely be doing some Christmas shopping at this site!

    Bravo! I love the intersection of commerce and compassion. It helps me meet my needs and the needs of others.

    In other words, it gives me more opportunities to help World Vision work on top of my 3 child sponsorships and gift catalog purchases. I can now buy my t-shirts (something that I would do anyways) and at the same time help provide more support for World Vision's mission to help the poor.

    And, I've long been a big fan of Jedidiah's! It is killer to see that they are collaborating World Vision.

    This is great news! Keep up the good work.

    P.S. The "Famine No More" designs rock!

    Thanks for the great support Kedoka.
    I love it when people fully embrace what we are trying to do. We create art and produce t-shirts for a living. We are just using that tool to try and provide care and support to those in need. World Vision is a great partner to do that with!

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