My 5 favorite things about Tanzania (a post for your kids)

On this blog, we've had a variety of guest bloggers in the past -- Mark Hall from Casting Crowns; Josh Loveless from Relevant Magazine; Reneé Stearns, wife of World Vision president Rich Stearns; and Adam Jeske from InterVarsity.

But we've never had a guest blogger quite like this one.

He's a newcomer to the blogging world, a well-respected teacher to many, and a lover of God's children and kingdom. He's known to be a bit of a health addict, a vegetarian, really big on going green. A believer in diversity of friendships, the company he enjoys comes in all shapes and sizes -- a bit beyond the garden-variety, if we can say so. Although he's become quite the movie star, he's managed stay humble and down-to-earth.

We welcome to the World Vision Blog today's guest blogger, Larry the Cucumber from VeggieTales, a friend and partner of World Vision. Larry and friends recently traveled to Tanzania to visit World Vision programs and see the impact of our partnership together. While in Tanzania, Larry captured the heart and beauty of the countryside with his camera. Here, he shares his 5 favorite things about visiting Tanzania in a special post for you and your kids.

*   *   *

1. Lions are carnivores.

This is my new friend, Isoke, who helped to protect me against the rabbits. Thanks, buddy!

2. Cucumbers are cucumbers the whole world over!

Here's a bowl of my non-speaking African brothers. Looking good, guys.

3. The beauty of the land.

This is Mount Kilimanjaro -- the tallest mountain in Africa!

4. The great work of our partner, World Vision!

By helping to construct canals, land that is normally dry can be used to grow food. Check out these onions!

5. The children.

I loved meeting the many beautiful children of Tanzania! Here we're playing the game, "What animated character am I wearing on my forehead?" They got it right on the first try!

*   *   *

Thank you, World Vision, for your wonderful work to build a better world for the precious children of Tanzania.


VeggieTales and World Vision are two organizations with a similar purpose and mission: to help parents raise their children well. Find out more about this very veggie partnership.

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    Oh how I loved this. I was on a 3 week mission trip in July. My time was mainly spent in Iringa orphanage (Asante Sana) and the surrounding bush villages. I fell in love with these precious people and their beautiful country but oh my, the poverty is just unbelievable until you see it for yourself. If the Lord wills I will be going back next year.

    i love this story it was so touching!

    I Love Veggie Tales, they reall make it easy to share the love of Christ with kids. My grandkids sing along to the cd's in the car, makes my heart sing!!!!

    This is so fun. I teach kinder kids at church and will surely have to share. Thank you Larry and thank you my beloved World Vision friends.

    Hey Larry ... here's a shout-out from a fellow Larry (and cucumber lover)! Thanks for blogging about one of my favorite places ... Africa!

    However, I do need to let you know that, while cucumbers indeed are cucumbers the world over, you have a very special kind of cucumber cousin in Africa that you might enjoy rubbing shoulders with. Well, not literally ... because it is adorned with a profusion of dangerous-looking spikes! See s photo here:

    You'll be happy to know, however, that despite the spikes, the flavor is very similar. (Ooops ... I guess perhaps I shouldn't have shared that? Sorry!)

    I love the captions. Great work guys!

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