A network of prayer [infographic]

About six months ago, as my team was putting together the autumn 2011 issue of World Vision Magazine, I asked our social media team if we could pose a question to World Vision Facebook fans -- and potentially use the responses in the magazine.

At that stage, we had an article from Rich Stearns, president of World Vision U.S., about how World Vision’s faith plays a role in every community where we work. I think it’s a great article that shows the big picture of how our faith motivates our staff around the world.

But something was missing. Of course, it is important to see how faith motivates World Vision staff, but I also wanted to show that faith motivates many of you, our supporters.

So we posed the question to our fans on Facebook: How do you pray for your sponsored child?

Reading through each of the 115 responses, I was inspired by the many creative ways people remembered to pray for their sponsored children. And I was convicted that I, too, need to pray more often for my sponsored girl -- Nozuko from South Africa.

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We still want to hear from more of you. Tell us how you pray for your sponsored child in the comments section of this post.


    Praying for Dario in Guatemala my sponsored child for 4 years.


    We’re praying for 4-year old Bianca, her sister and grandmother in Ecuador.

    Sometimes I forget to pray for my sponsored child. But whenever I do pray for him, I use the prayer points located on the back of a World Vision pamplet about his country.

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