Why I run...

Maybe running's not your thing. So marathons wouldn't really be your thing. Five kilometers or 42.195 kilometers -- definitely not your thing.

Maybe your thing is music, or sporting events, or enjoying the beautiful scenery of the Pacific Northwest. Now that sounds a lot more like the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon.

That's because this marathon isn't really your average running venture. Local bands play live music, and cheer squads line the roads every mile. Lake Washington neighbors come out of their homes to join the "crowd" en route from Tukwila, Washington, to downtown Seattle. It's a "running [and I would add, outdoor entertainment] nirvana," as the marathon Facebook page says.

The Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon has been described as a party, a concert, and a marathon race of perfect conditions. And this year, more than 200 Team World Vision runners will add their own description as they gear up to run and walk the 26.2- and 13.1-mile foot races through Seattle's urban and green landscape -- all for the worthy cause of bringing clean water to children in need.

So maybe running isn't your thing -- or, maybe it is -- but getting fit and helping children certainly can be. For this reason, or another, Team World Vision participants are running the Seattle Rock 'n' Roll Marathon tomorrow.

For a few more reasons from World Vision staff members, who are taking their passion for children in need beyond the doors of World Vision's offices, see below. And add your "why I run" to our roster.


Christy Lacy, Donor Contact Services account manager
I run...purposing to listen to the voice of God, trusting to hear His course over my own for direction in my life.

John Huddle, Team World Vision Los Angeles coordinator
I run...because learning about global poverty isn't enough. In college, I minored in African Studies and chose Swahili as my foreign language, and while that raised my "awareness," learning about East Africa will never save a single life if it doesn't pay off in action. I have never been in want for water a single day in my life. Kids in Kenya are dying of diarrhea -- one child every 15 seconds dies from a water-related illness. What good is the Gospel if, having received it, I never act? Team World Vision is my opportunity to help save lives in Africa. That's why I run.

Samantha King, Human Resources business partner
I run...because "those who hope in the Lord will renew their strength. They will soar on wings like eagles; they will RUN and not grow weary, they will WALK and not be faint." --Isaiah 40:31

David Pitts, 30 Hour Famine team
I run...because God has blessed me with two strong legs that will carry me all the way. I run for my sponsored kid, Chireque, in Mozambique, so that he and his family will have access to clean, safe water and a better life.

Melissa Krzyzanowski, Middle Donor account manager
I run...because its a goal I've had for a long time, and what better cause to run for?

Betty Kazumura, Vendor and Contract Services representative
I run...to look forward to proving to myself that I can complete the 13.1 miles. This is a milestone for me, just more step in my journey ahead to show that anything is possible.

Back in November 1992, I was in a car accident that left me with a broken right arm, right pelvis, and right lower leg. I was told by the medical staff that I would be fortunate to walk without a limp/hitch, but don't expect to jog/run. I beat the odds, worked through the pain and rehabilitation, and walk hitch-free. I can also jog and run. Both my physician and chiropractor gave me their blessings to train and participate in this worthy endeavor.

Sheila Schmauch, Donor Contact Services instructor
I run...to release anxiety, tension, and the stress of my day; to teach my kids that anything is possible, and to spend some quality time with God. I feel free when I run.


    A church friend of mine, who I am beginning to see more and more as a Christian mentor in faith is running with you today. I learned of this event from her yesterday, and was excited to see this post today.
    Hope the run goes well, and more people sign up to sponsor children through World Vision!

    I run...because God has blessed me with two strong legs that allow me to run. It gives me time to think of all of the people in the world who are at a disadvantage, including my sponsored child in Swaziland, Thabiso. God has blessed me abundantly. I praise Him for that.

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