Prayers for Japan from around the world

Three months ago on Saturday, a deadly earthquake and ensuing tsunami in Japan killed more than 14,700 people, leaving the country's northeastern coastline devastated. Our colleagues in Japan have spent the weeks and months following the disaster organizing and implementing a full response plan, supported by the World Vision global partnership.

As part of an international initiative to encourage quake survivors and those involved in relief efforts, children around the world who are supported by World Vision sponsors in Japan send their love and prayers. Children and sponsors in Japan's tsunami zone have since received drawings, cards, and origami art messages from sponsored children in El Salvador, Indonesia, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Mongolia, Kenya, China, and Ethiopia.

This post is a collection of those messages, gathered with the help of World Vision field communicators in each of the above countries.

To our colleagues and those affected by the disaster in Japan -- we continue to pray that God's comfort and provision would be with those who need it most, and that survivors will continue to heal physically and emotionally as they rebuild from the rubble.

Drawings and messages of hope from Kenya.  ©2011 World Vision

Written by Mahileali in Swaziland. ©2011 World Vision

Sponsored children in Laos send their prayers to Japan. ©2011 World Vision

From the World Vision staff and sponsored children in Indonesia. ©2011 World Vision

A sign of hope from Malawi. ©2011 World Vision

Art prayers from the Philippines. ©2011 World Vision

Drawings of hope from Rwanda. ©2011 World Vision

Drawings of love from Bangladesh. ©2011 World Vision

A drawing from the Democratic Republic of Congo. Translation: God is our refuge and strength, a rescue that never fails in distress. ©2011 World Vision 


    Our GOD is so awesome! His children around the world our precious and He cares for each one of us. This surely must bless His heart to over flowing.

    How wonderful that children around the world, many who are also suffering, are sending their encouragement and prayers to children in Japan. God is so good, and His love can be shown to and through His children - no matter how young!

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