What I love about my mom

I always wanted to be just like my mom. When I was a little girl, I used to write her letters, telling her of the admiration I had for her beauty and grace, and that she would be my best friend forever.

Just a few months ago, my mom reminded me of those letters. She told me just how much she adored those scribbled, misspelled notes from the 5- and 6-year-old me. Her favorite was one that I had so appropriately titled on the outside of the envelope, “What I love about my mom,” proceeding on the inside to name 20 of the things I loved most about her.

Even as an adult, that list continues to grow. I add to it daily things like her unconditional support and her wise advice for making marriage last. She truly is the mother who has taught me how to love and how to grow in myself, and is still my best friend.

Happy Mother’s Day, Mom -- and happy Mother's Day to every mom like you who cares for her children, strives to give them what’s best, and loves them unconditionally.

Here are few more “What I love about my mom” thoughts from a sponsored children in Armenia and the World Vision Facebook family.

Sponsored child Sahak. ©2011 Armenuhi Sahakyan/World Vision

My mother

By: Sahak, sponsored child in Armenia

Mother so much tender
Kind and sincere
Forgiving and helpful
Courteous and dear

Mother, my darling
I love and adore you
Dearest to my heart
Let you be always so bright.


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    My mom is close to passing. Everyday she gets weeker and weeker. But she always has a smile and and "I love you" for me. We haven't been close all my life, but that's because I didn't understand her all my life. Since her mother died about 6 years agp. we
    begun to build a great relationship. She means the world to me. God love you Mom. Happy Mother's Day Mom.

    I love that our Mama was a warrior who protected us as children and became one of our very best friends as adults. We are SO blessed to still have her here and cherish each minute with her as a gift from Heaven.

    Well done, Sahak! Your mom must be proud of you.

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