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As you may have noticed in March's Refrigerator galleries paintings post, sponsored children are quite the talented artists. Since April is National Poetry Month, I wanted to share other beautiful "paintings" with you, this time in the words of sponsored children from communities in Romania, the Philippines and Colombia. Special thanks to our field communicators who have shared and translated the following poems for us.

The return of spring

By: Andreea, Romania

Andreea, 13-years-old.

Beloved spring
You hardly came into the country.
But with your loving voice,
Everybody you have awakened.

As you come year after year,
You chase away the winter under a wave
Of warmth and colour
Every day is a holiday.

The winter you push away
You never look back.
We would ask you not to leave
No way, never, no where
However we know that for us
You would never hide no more.


By: Shaira, the Philippines

Shaira, 14-years-old.

Life is beauty, admire it
Life is bliss, embrace it
Life is a dream, grasp it

Life is duty, complete it
Life is a gift, win it
Life is a promise, fulfill it

Life is a song, sing it
Life is a sorrow, overcome it
Life is a struggle, fight it
Life is a tragedy, confront it

Life is an adventure, explore it
Life is a gift, be thankful for it
Life is so precious, value it

Life is life, live it to the fullest

The child poet of nueva esperanza

Editor's note: Luis is known as the poet of his village in Colombia.

I am pleased to introduce myself. I am called, “gordito,” or the little fat boy. When people listen to me telling verses, they call me “the poet” of my small village.

Luis, 12-years-old.

I live with my mother, Amparo, and my sister, Sandra.

I like to say verses. I compose them by myself. The first time I made up a verse was for my younger cousin. My family has always supported me. My uncle also likes to say verses.

Since I was in primary school, one of my teachers encouraged me not to be afraid of talking in front of people. She used to give me books and she had me learn poems.

I have always wanted to meet my sponsor, to get letters and photos. I will leave you with a verse dedicated to my sponsor:

I love you as my sponsor; I love you as my friend; and as my dear father as well.

The mountain

By: Novel, the Philippines

Novel, 12-years-old.

Who cannot find the mountain beautiful?
For they were created by Him
Immovable by its solid foundation
Wonders of nature worked by Holy hands

Behind it is the sun ready to shine
Shapes down their valleys to their peaks
It perfects a picture of a wonderful sunrise
A message of hope and a good day speaks

Not one human mind can understand
Not all attempts have been effective
What is God Almighty up to?
Of creating a beauty such as these?

From the start of time
With one reason it was created
So that the Creator, God’s Almighty’s glory
Through then it will be displayed

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    I like the poems Life and The Mountain. Seems like the Phillipine girls are very creative.
    I enjoy writing poetry too.

    So glad you liked the poems, Tatjana. And I'll be passing on your kind message to our communicators in the Philippines.

    We definitely will!!! Expect lots more stories like this one in the future... and if you ever have specific requests or ideas, send them our way through a comment on this blog :)

    Absolutely precious words, beautiful hearts in these gifted child poets : ). Please continue to post their 'stories'.

    Who could know the treasure in these little hearts? Only God could create such little ones with these gifts.

    What a blessing I have received from their thoughts!

    Outstanding poetry.

    Enjoyed your words of hope and love. May God continue to bless you always.


    Simply beautiful. I'm always amazed at how life is seen through the eys of a child, it really touches your heart. Blessings to all of you.

    I love these poems. They sincere, fresh, honest, and pure.
    I love seeing through the eyes of children because they still hold the gift of awe.
    Children teach us what is from the heart.

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