Women of Vision devotional: "The Full Circle"

Sandy Grubb, member of the Columbia-Willamette chapter of Women of Vision, as well as a World Vision U.S. board member, shares this inspiring devotional as Christians around the world prepare to observe Good Friday and Christ's subsequent resurrection on Easter morning.

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On vision trips, I love watching for God’s miracles. Time and time again I’ve entered seemingly hopeless situations and then seen God’s hand move in powerful ways. It’s a gift that gives me the courage to continue on this exciting journey we share called Women of Vision.

During the past fourteen years, Columbia-Willamette Women of Vision supported the Children of the Tunnels project in Mongolia. It was our first project, our first love. Just this past year, we tearfully celebrated the time we all pray will come. Life is better for children in Mongolia, and the work is now sustaining itself without need for our monetary support. However, we will never stop praying for staff and children who became family to us.

We had the privilege of watching one special little girl named Shagai grow up. We met with her on each of our five vision trips to the land of the Big Blue Sky and Genghis Khan. Shagai lived on the streets with her mother and father, two sisters, and baby brother. Her father was mentally ill and couldn’t care for their family. One cold day, Shagai’s mother became ill, and both she and the baby died of exposure.

Temperatures at 30 below zero chased Shagai and her sisters -- then about 6, 8, and 10 years old -- into the dark, dangerous tunnels under the city streets to keep warm on the steam pipes that heat the capital city of Ulaanbaatar. It was in those tunnels that World Vision social workers met Shagai and her sisters. They invited them, with their father’s permission, to come out of the darkness and into a Light House shelter. Their precious lives are proof that what we do matters.

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Women of Vision is a volunteer ministry of World Vision, mobilizing and uniting women called to invest their time, intellect, compassion, creativity, and finances so that women and children living in poverty might find hope and experience a tangible expression of God’s love.

Wrenching poverty leaves many Mongolian parents unable to provide adequate care or shelter for their children. Your gift of one share of a ger will help protect a family from the cold temperatures and icy winds that whip across this barren region. These traditional one-room dwellings are constructed of durable, felt-lined canvas stretched over a wooden frame and floor to withstand severe weather. Your gift can also help provide furniture based on the needs of the family -- such as a bed, storage chest, table, and stools.


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