Syrian refugee crisis: Moved to prayer

You won't hear much in the media about the conflict in Syria -- but it's causing significant human suffering that warrants our attention and prayer.

As the crisis approaches its second anniversary, the number of Syrian refugees in Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, Turkey, and Egypt is quickly approaching 1 million.

Here are some ways that you can pray for all the people affected as the unrest continues.

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The Syrian people are suffering from widespread conflict. As many as 70,000 lives have been lost, and many have been injured. Homes and businesses are being destroyed in the violence.

Lord, Psalm 46:9 declares that You "make wars cease to the ends of the earth." Help those in conflict with one another to come to a peaceful solution, so that civilians may resume their daily lives. Lord, we trust in You.

Syrian families are being uprooted from their homes by the fighting, displaced in their own country or fleeing to neighboring countries for safety.

Lord, come to the aid of families who are fleeing to safety. Protect them from dangers on their travels, and guide them to places where they can find help and rest. Provide host communities with the resources to assist families arriving on their doorsteps. Lord, we trust in You.

Many Syrian school-aged children are not able to attend classes because they’ve left their communities, or because schools are closed while shelling endangers their neighborhoods.

Lord, You know that children whose educations are disrupted often have a hard time catching up. This threatens their future prospects to have a career and care for a family. We ask You to help children who are missing classes today. Help them to resume their studies with ease. And give teachers the training to help these students regain what they may have lost. Lord, we trust in You.

There are many ancient Christian communities in this region, going back to New Testament times. Saul was helped by Christians in Damascus after his encounter with the ascended Christ (Acts 9). These communities today have requested prayer that they may stay strong in faith.

Lord, we lift to You our brothers and sisters in Christ living in this region. Strengthen them with power through the Spirit (Ephesians 3:16). And help them to endure and remain faithful, knowing that nothing can separate them from Your love. Lord, we trust in You.

World Vision staff in Lebanon have requested prayer as they assist those fleeing the conflict and other poor communities. All humanitarian personnel need the strength and resources to sustain them in their work.

Lord, thank You for those who are already working with poor communities in this region. Many people had few resources before the conflict began and have even less now. Strengthen humanitarian teams, both World Vision and others, as they assist children and families in need. Bring in the financial resources and physical supplies necessary to help children and restore people’s hope for a brighter future. Lord, we trust in You.

Make a one-time donation to help World Vision provide emergency assistance for Syrian refugees. Your gift will help us provide basic hygiene kits and food vouchers for refugee families, as well as established Child-Friendly Spaces to provide affected children with a safe place to play, learn, and interact with their peers.

Please join us in prayer for all World Vision staff members working around the world, particularly in this region of conflict.

Also, consider joining World Vision's Hope Prayer Team. Each month, you'll receive an email containing suggested prayer points for those in need, for World Vision's work, and our staff -- as well as news from around the world, guided prayer points for urgent requests, and links to other ways you can care for children in need.



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