Girl Rising: 9 Prayers for 9 Girls

In honor of International Women’s Day today and in celebration of yesterday’s premiere of 10X10’s new film Girl Rising, we want to pray for each of the girls featured in the film, the communities they represent, and World Vision’s work in some those communities. Two girls in the film come from World Vision project areas.

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Sokha: Cambodia

“This is not the end. It is the beginning.” Orphaned, Sokha rose out of poverty to become a star student. Now she is looking back and teaching younger students herself. Pray for Sokha’s continued success as both a student and a teacher, that she may be an inspiration to the next rising generation.

Ruksana: India

“I learned to never give up.” Ruksana’s family lives on a street in Kolkata, but she has never missed a day of school. Pray for Ruksana’s parents, who work hard to provide for her and to allow her to go to school, for her teachers that they may continue to inspire her, and for Ruksana’s continued success in school.

Suma: Nepal

“Change is like a song you can’t hold back.” Bonded into labor at the age of 6, Suma endured by writing music. Now, she has learned to read and is preparing to finish school. Pray that God will continue to inspire Suma through music and language, and pray for success for Suma in her school exams.

Yasmin: Egypt

“He was strong, but I was stronger.” After a violent attack, Yasmin became a superhero instead of a victim. Engaged to be married at 13, her current whereabouts are unknown. Pray for strength for Yasmin. Pray for her current circumstances, and pray that one day she will have the opportunity to attend school.

Senna: Peru

“Poetry is how I turn ugliness into art.” Though she was raised in a bleak mining town, Senna’s father had high hopes for her and insisted that she attend school. Now, living in a new town, Senna has found a passion in writing poetry. Thank God for Senna’s father and his support of her education, and pray for continued inspiration and success with her poetry and education.

Azmera: Ethiopia

“What if a girl’s life could be more?” Told to marry at 13, Azmera said no. Now, she lives happily with her family, working hard in school toward the goal of being a teacher. Thank God for Azmera’s strength and courage, and ask Him to bless her schoolwork and ambitions.

Amina: Afghanistan

“I am change.” Defined by her gender, Amina is determined to resist limitations. Her current situation is unknown. Pray for what we do not know—that God will move where we cannot see. Pray for strength and happiness for Amina, pray that she can be the change she strives to be, and pray that she will have an opportunity for education.

Wadley: Haiti

“I will come back every day until I can stay.” Seven years old when Haiti’s earthquake destroyed her home and school, Wadley goes to the new, already full schoolhouse every day even though she is continually turned away. Now, she is back in school. Thank God that Wadley has returned to school and found a love of science and photography. Pray that He will bless her education and Haiti’s continued recovery.

Mariama: Sierra Leone

“Now there’s nothing to stop me.” Growing up in a war-torn country, Mariama was the first in her family to go to school and now has a radio program inspiring thousands of other girls. She now aspires to go to university. Pray for Mariama’s ambitions and continued success in school, and ask God to inspire her with the words her audience needs to hear.

Coming soon: a tenth featured girl and country. Stay tuned!

Girl Rising opened yesterday in theaters. Directed by Academy Award-nominee Richard Robbins, produced by critically-acclaimed producer Martha Adams, and narrated by world-class actresses including Meryl Streep, Anne Hathaway, Kerry Washington, and Selena Gomez, Girl Rising tells the stories of extraordinary girls faced with unforgiving circumstances.

Request a screening of Girl Rising in your city. Consider hosting a screening as a Girl Rising captain — or just sign up to indicate your interest in seeing the film if it comes to your town.

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