Uganda: Visible progress for children

Uganda is one of 16 poor countries that are considered "trailblazers" for the progress they’ve made toward eliminating poverty and improving health. The nation is on track to meet at least half of the United Nations' Millennium Development Goals by 2015.

Progress is hard-won, but encouraging. Here are some accomplishments to celebrate.


Ten-month-old Mercy gets a checkup at a health center in northern Uganda. The government facility closed when locals fled the war in the 1990s. It reopened when World Vision built a maternity ward and outpatient clinic in 2008-2009. (Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision)


"My children mean everything to me. They drive me to aim higher and higher so that they complete their education,” says Harriet Nakyeyune, mother of Lydia Nakasujja (pictured) and three other girls. Harriet’s successful farming and fishing business is financed through World Vision microfinance loans. (Davinah Agnes Nabirye/World Vision)


Ten-year-old Jolly Olara, a World Vision sponsored child, sleeps under a treated bed net and doesn’t get malaria any more. (Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision)


Fresh water is close by. Jolly's sister, Sharon Akica, 14, collects water from a borehole well maintained by World Vision. (Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision)


School’s in, rain or shine. With child sponsorship funds, World Vision built seven classrooms and a teacher’s office for the Bumbiri Primary School. Before the new building, classes were held outside or in a mud hut. (Sylvia Nabanoba/World Vision)


Proscovia Atim, 8, holds one of 40 chickens belonging to her mother, Josephine Adong. Starting from two birds she received in 2010 from World Vision, Josephine has found raising poultry to be a way to increase her income and provide good nutrition for her family. (Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision)

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Sponsor a child in Uganda today. The remarkable accomplishments captured in the images above are made possible through sponsorship, which provides children and communities with the ongoing support they need to lift themselves out of poverty.


    God bless world vision.

    I sponsor a little girl from Uganda. It is good to see what my dollars are doing there. Such a small price to pay for so much good. We just began to sponsor another little girl in South America. I love World Vision and how God can use me through you! Thanks!!

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