PHOTOS: A celebration of World Health Day

Today is World Health Day, a day to celebrate good health and be mindful of children and families around the world who do not have access to proper nourishment or basic health services. Below are photos of Joel, a boy in Uganda whose mother took him to a World Vision health clinic because he was malnourished. (Photos by Simon Peter Esaku/World Vision.)

*     *     *

Joel Ecaru, 3, was born at a normal weight. But at the age of 5 months, he started losing weight due to poor nutrition. Joel’s mother brought him to World Vision’s child health program, where he received proper nourishment. He ate locally available nutritious foods for 12 days and gained nearly 3 pounds.

 *     *     *

Joel sits with his mother, Immaculate Itiu, 20, and sister, Shareon Alio, 10 months. At the health center, Immaculate also learned how to make nutritious food.

*     *     *

Joel plucks green leaves from the plant of cow peas. The leaves contribute to a nutritious diet.

 *     *     *

Immaculate and the children pluck leaves together. They are joined by Joyce Mary Asingo (left), who is the sister of Immaculate's husband.

 *     *     *

Immaculate harvests sweet potatoes in her garden.

 *     *     *

Immaculate peels the sweet potatoes she harvested from her garden as her children and Joyce play around. She learned about nutritious cooking through the World Vision health program.

 *     *     *

A smiling Immaculate peels sweet potatoes to make a meal at home.

In places of poverty, the first five years of a child’s life are the most deadly -- and if a child lives to the age of 5, his or her chances for survival increase dramatically. Malnutrition is one reason why children are so vulnerable in those early years. World Vision's Survive to Five™ Challenge focuses on giving these children every chance for survival.

Make a donation today to World Vision’s Survive to Five™ Challenge. Thanks to government grants, your gift will triple in impact to help provide life-saving interventions like vaccinations, nutritious food, clean water, bed nets to prevent malaria, skilled birth attendants, and more.

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