Ending modern-day slavery through innovation


You’re at party—laughing with friends, having a good time. When someone comes up and tells you about the excitement going on in the other room, you follow, intrigued. You find yourself joining a group crammed into a small, crowded space. Suddenly the door slams behind you and the lights flicker.

You have just been “trafficked.”

This was taken from Creative activism idea: shock people with trafficking simulation

We have a pretty unique approach to engaging college students -- do as little as possible and keep out of the way. Founded by college students, World Vision’s ACT:S (World Vision's college activism network) has always been about resourcing and empowering young people to become leaders on their college campuses and bring issues of poverty and injustice to life through creative activism.

This year, more than 250 campus groups have started working on their Human Wrong campaigns to advocate against child slavery and human trafficking. Of the 250 campuses, we chose eight "innovation teams" and provided them resources to lead the ACT:S national network by creating new expressions to bring issues of injustice to life and sharing their best practices. From trafficking simulations and t-shirt campaigns, to campus carnivals, elaborate mazes, and fashion shows, these eight teams are coming up with innovative ways to put an end to modern-day slavery. And through their lives and actions, they’re helping to create a modern-day book of Acts.

Students, as part of the eight "innovation teams", are blogging about their new ideas and creative projects, as well as how their faith informs their activism, on the Human Wrong Innovation Blog. Check out a few of their articles below.

Help end child slavery by asking your members of Congress to support the Child Protection Compact Act to help slavery-plagued countries protect children from exploitation.

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