A new way to give from the heart this Valentine's Day

Last October, we introduced our readers to GIVEN, the new line of apparel inspired by World Vision whose sales help support our global work. Thirty percent of revenue from purchases of the clothing items and accessories is donated to support our programs that serve children, families, and communities around the world.

Today, Kevin Murray, CEO and founder of Jedidiah and Made For Good, writes another guest post in which he shares new opportunities through GIVEN for supporters to honor the women they love by helping women in need this Valentine's Day. We're excited to share this unique gift idea with you!

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This is another new and exciting day for all of us involved with GIVEN.

Our goal from the outset was to use apparel design, manufacturing, and distribution as a tool to make a difference in the lives of others. We believe that revenue and gift-giving involving a social purpose represents a higher form of capitalism -- one that will enable society to
advance more rapidly while allowing companies to expand their reach even more.

GIVEN was created to artistically connect apparel and accessories to the amazing work being done by World Vision. Every graphic has a story, and every piece has a purpose. With that in mind, we are more than excited to launch our new line of jewelry and accessory items.

This project is especially close to our hearts, as all the styles have been handpicked from artisan communities around the world. Each community and the products they create have a unique story of love, grace, and perseverance. Through the sale of these products, we can empower hardworking, creative people to secure a future for themselves, their families, and communities.

And, in honor of Valentine's Day, GIVEN is now also offering a special gift product for the special women in your life -- the "With All My Heart" Gift Set. This memorable set includes a t-shirt (shown above), a heart necklace from Ecuador, a card featuring a quote from World Vision president Rich Stearns, and a soapstone heart. All of these items come in a red gift box, and, as with other GIVEN products, 30 percent of revenue from sales go toward World Vision's global projects.

This Valentine's Day, honor the women you love by helping women in need around the world -- and do it with all your heart!

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Kevin Murray is CEO of Jedidiah and Made For Good, the companies whose missions helped inspire the creation of the GIVEN brand. Check out the full line of GIVEN items today!


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