Child sponsorship: life in all its fullness

Child sponsorship opens the door to better future for a child in need by providing life-giving essentials like nutritious food, clean water, education, and healthcare.

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    Child sponsorship opens the door to a better future

    Josh Cox, world-class runner and America's record-holder for the 50K, meets his sponsored child, Rodgers, as part of this year's True Spirit of Christmas Tour. Josh shares how sponsorship has changed Rodgers' life, family, and community -- and his own life.

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    "I never thought in my wildest dreams I would get be the America record-holder for the 50K…and that I would get to do what I love and pursue my passions, chase my dreams [and] get to run full-time.

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      Small acts of greatness

      Three DJs at K-LOVE, the nation’s largest Christian radio network, are moms who not only love their own kids, but are passionate about loving other children, too.

      For Amanda, Amy, and Kelli, helping kids means helping moms -- and serving Jesus.

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        Survive to thrive

        Each day, thousands of children are robbed of the chance to live a healthy, productive life -- all because of preventable, treatable diseases.

        World Vision is partnering with national radio network K-LOVE -- which includes more than 400 contemporary Christian radio stations across the country -- to help children around the world Survive to 5.

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          A doll named Alma

          Today's guest post comes from Alexis Dionne, a World Vision sponsor who shares what she does to let her sponsored children know they're loved and cared for during the holiday season.

          If you're a World Vision sponsor as well, you can log in to My World Vision for ideas on how to connect with your sponsored child as the holidays approach.

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          The holidays can be overwhelming.

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            Who's that girl?

            "Who’s that girl?" I wondered while watching Carter’s Chord, a sister band who recently traveled to the Dominican Republic to create a video of their song, "Love a Little Bigger."

            I love the song and its message: how blessed we are and how a luxury, like drinking a $4 cup of coffee, can make us feel guilty, especially when we are confronted by pictures of the poor.

            Being from Seattle, the coffee center of the universe, I can relate.

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              Special gifts bring extra joy to sponsored children

              World Vision's Hillary Holman shares her journey of sponsoring a child in need -- and taking it a step further by providing a special gift to benefit the girl's family.

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              I was working at World Vision when I came across Relebohile’s picture. Her little face just grabbed my heart!

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                [Sri Lanka Bloggers] What you're not supposed to say after visiting the Third World

                Laura Tremaine, who traveled to Sri Lanka with World Vision in late August, reflects on her visit there -- and how it differed from her expectations.

                This post originally appeared on Laura's blog, Hollywood Housewife.

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                  [Sri Lanka Bloggers] The birthday party I won't ever forget

                  I met Afra on her eighth birthday. I had no idea how big of an impact this little girl would have on me. We spent the afternoon eating cake, playing games, and celebrating with her family, friends, and neighbors.

                  The photo above shows me with Afra and children from her neighborhood.

                  What it doesn't show you is Afra's leg.

                  Afra was hit by a car at the age of 3, her leg caught in the rear wheel of the vehicle. The driver meant to playfully swerve at a friend -- and instead hit Afra.

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                    [Sri Lanka Bloggers] When your mother immolates herself

                    Tony Jones traveled to Sri Lanka with the World Vision blogger team, where he met Simras, an 8-year-old sponsored child.

                    After the boy's family was torn apart by tragedy, his aunt Sapika and uncle Mohamed took him in as their own. Tony was able to hear some of their story -- and the hopes that Sapika and Mohamed have for Simras.

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