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The financial costs and benefits of sending a shirt overseas

In our ongoing series on the topic of Gifts-in-Kind and how that resource fits into the broader work of community development, we recently posted responses to Response to GIK discussion and 100,000 reasons to love the Super Bowl. Continuing that conversation, today’s post covers the questions raised by a number of people, including Saundra Schimmelpfennig and William Easterly, on the financial costs and benefits of shipping shirts and the utility of those shirts to recipients. Specifically we are addressing the following topics:

* The cost of getting a shirt to a recipient
* The value of a similar shirt in the recipient’s local clothing market compared with the costs for shipping a donated shirt
* Whether the beneficiaries World Vision serves would rather receive the shirt or the cash equivalent to the cost of sending that shirt to them

Calculating the cost of getting a shirt to a recipient....