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How child sponsorship through World Vision works

Maybe you've wondered how World Vision's global programs work; why sponsorship is a monthly pledge; or what happens when someone stops sponsoring a child.

During her visit to Sri Lanka with the World Vision blogger team, Laura Tremaine sought answers to these questions, and here, she shares some of her experience.

This post originally appeared on Laura’s blog, Hollywood Housewife.

[Sri Lanka Bloggers] Giving locally, giving globally

Laura Tremaine is traveling with our team of eight bloggers in Sri Lanka this week, visiting children, families, and communities whose lives have been impacted by World Vision's work through our sponsorship programs.

Today, she discusses a provocative question: How do we make international assistance a priority when the need is so great right here in the United States?

Read on for her thoughts -- and then share your own!

Laura's post originally appeared on her blog, Hollywood Housewife.

[Sri Lanka Bloggers] To Sri Lanka with World Vision

Laura Tremaine -- or Hollywood Housewife, as her readers know her -- is going to Sri Lanka with the World Vision blogger team in just a few days.

Following the Bolivia Bloggers trip last year piqued her curiosity, and this year, she has decided to take the leap. Read her thoughts as she prepares for her trip, and follow her journey as we learn what really happens when you sponsor a child through World Vision.